Left to right are Darby (Windsong On My Mind At Cara), Cory the Wonder Whippet (Cara Life Goes On) in the middle and Charlie (Cara Sardonyx By Design) on the right

Heather Myers and Cara Keeshonden and Whippets. I got my first whippet twelve years ago, Patric's The Visionary, from Pat Pettit. Having a heavily coated breed (Keeshonden), I wanted a second breed without hair. My mother was a leading breeder and judge of Afghans, so I naturally gravitated to the hounds. Whippets were the ideal size for the house.
Pat Pettit was my mentor until his death. Since then, Paula Hall, Peggy Newcomb and Debbie Butt have been very helpful to me, along with a lot of other nice whippeteers.

Patric's You Don't Say

Oh, this is an easy one! Cory The Wonder Whippet (Cara Life Goes On) is my all time favorite. Now 10, Cory came to me at about four months. He is a neutered son of Luke (Ch. Sporting Fields Kinsman). In our 10 years together, Cory has traveled over 400,000 miles with me, sitting next to me on the front seat of the van or motor home, keeping me awake, listening to me ramble outloud to him, sleeping next to me everynight and loving me with all his heart, just the way I love him. Cory IS wonderful!

"Dennis" (Windsong On My Mind At Cara

I am probably not qualified to say much about the future of the breed as I am not a big breeder, having only had two litters, but with the various and varied venues available, I can see nothing but a bright future for this wonderful breed. I probably can't share anything with other whippet owners since they already have whippets, they KNOW how great they are.
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Left is Charlie and right is Ch. Cara Jammin Downtown