Lydia's (and my) first "real" show was the Skokie Valley KC (Illinois) show, 12/16/00

Linda Stone. "I got my first whippet in 1998". My 10-year-old rescue greyhound had died, and after a few months of not even being able to think about getting another dog, I finally started researching different breeds. I loved the greyhound, but thought I'd like a dog I could hold. I had a friend who had whippets (Judy Walker), and I put off calling her because I knew what she'd say and I felt I had to at least make a pretense of thinking about different breeds. After another couple months I called Judy. She said exactly what I thought: "Well you should get a Whippet!!!" She had just heard about a 1 1/2 year-old bitch in rescue not far from us. I joined both Whippet email lists before we even picked her up. Talking about Whippets made the waiting a little more bearable. I first saw Hayley in Dick and Jean Schroeder's kitchen and fell in love. Through the whippet lists I learned of and attended a few WRA race meets (just to watch, since Hayley can't race), and met Mary Magee of SaeSi Kennels in Indianapolis. This past August we went to Mary's and picked up our first whippet puppy, SaeSi's Tattooed Dancer, Lydia. Mary said she would show Lydia, but through some kind of mind control she got me, an introvert, into the show ring with Lydia. With my heart in my throat and a cheering section at ringside, I took Lydia into the ring for our first show, and she took first in her class! When the judge pointed to me, I whispered "me???" I thought it must be a mistake. You'd have thought we won Westminster, I was so excited. But we were having fun long before the Big Moment.

SaeSi Tattooed Dancer, aka Lydia at 11 weeks
BIS Ch Kamada Beyond the Flame
SaeSi You've Got the Look !

I sure can't share any wisdom or advice, since I'm so new. But I love this breed and love learning more about them. I'm so spoiled now! Can there *be* any other breed so perfect? Okay, so Lydia came crashing down the stairs with a full 4-pack of toilet paper yesterday, but she's just a baby!

Judy and Mary have been more help to me than I can say! I can't thank them enough for the knowledge and support they have shared. Also, I couldn't do this without my wonderful husband, chauffeur and all-around good sport, Mike. ;-) He has driven me hundreds of miles through rain, snow, sleet and hail to pick up, show, or just look at dogs. For our first show, we crammed 6 people and 6 whippets into a minivan and drove to Chicago in sub-zero weather. We all must have a warped idea of fun!

"Sly", our first sighthound. He was a retired track greyhound, adopted from Iowa

I think that we are very fortunate that there are so few whippets in rescue. This is not good luck--it represents lots of hard work on the part of many rescuers and conscientious breeders. I'm pleased to be a tiny part of the wonderful whippet community.

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Top is "Otto" the beast with two whippets, "Ladybug" is in the middle and "Hayley" is on the right
Bottom left is "Otto" and "Hayley" and bottom right is "Hayley" with "Lydia"