"Beamer" and "Taxi" (Am/Can/Intl Ch. Strebor's Energize FCh. & Am/Can/Intl Ch. Allerei's Tax Refund Am/Can FCh.)

Charles R. Roberts has have been involved in Whippets since 1981. I saw my first whippet at the barn where I boarded my horse when the owners would bring their dogs to the barn, a sheltie and a whippet. I was fascinated with them. As it turns out I got my first three whippets from them. I started coursing with my first whippet.
I got and relied on my mentor for all of my early advice and education. That was the Simonsen's of Allerei Farms. As I continued in the whippet world, I sought advice from several people who's beliefs and breeding programs strive for the dual purpose whippet. My belief's are along those same lines, as I have learned from those people I respect and admire. There a number of people in the whippet community with a vast array of knowledge and experience and are more than willing to share information when asked.

Left is "Stoney" (Strebor's Moonstone)and right is "Meeko" (Am/Can/Intl Ch. Mimbres Fairhope Am/Can FCh.)

On the subject of my favorite memories, well I have narrowed them down to one for each of my favorite dogs. My first one would be going first in the Jr Vet Class with Cabin (Ch. Allerei's Cabin Fever LCM) at the 92 National. This because he severed his tendon six years earlier and I thought he would never finish. Second would be going Best in Field a week after going Best OF Opposite at the Atlanta National with Beamer (Ch. Strebor's Energize FCH). Third would be winning the Canadian National with Meeko (Ch. Mimbres Fairhope FCh.) with going Best Puppy in Show a close runner up. And forth ould be winning Best in Specialty with Taxi (Ch. Allerei's Tax Refund) at the Lower Mainland Lure Coursing Specialty. Taxi (who was 8 1/2) had to compete in the lure trial first in order to compete in the conformation specialty.

"Taxi" (Am/Can/Intl Ch. Allerei's Tax Refund Am/Can FCh.)

Left is Gaberil (Am/Can Ch. Strebor's West Wind Drift FCh.) and right is Looker (Strebor's Stargazer)

In the almost 20 years that I have been in the breed, I have seen good and bad developments in the breed. Bad news first! I believe that the split between the "show type" and "racing type" whippet is growing. And if it continues, it will have negative repercussions on the breed. Remember folks, the breed was originally used for coursing! Not showing pretty in the ring or racing down a straight-a-way! Both of these venues were developed pastimes later in the breeds history. I truly believe that one type can do it all! Good news, is that breeder have been paying attention to structure and soundness. As long as breeders continue keeping in mind structure and soundness along with temperament and type, the breed will continue to improve.

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"Beamer" (Am/Can/Intl Ch. Strebor's Energize FCh.)