Jordan (at 4 months, and 8 weeks)

Shannon Cleary and "The Clearhound Clan" are from Canada. I fell in love with the breed as a child. My parents, who were showing our one and only wolfhound, wanted to get a dog for me that I could handle, and so we put in for a pup from a breeding out of Stewart Harvey's 'Charlie' Solera Soldier of Fortune FChX (Eng.Imp) and Heather Loube's 'Skye' Ch.Hilerica Flying Skye High FChX.CD - after waiting almost 3 years, our first whippet came into our lives. And we have never been the same since! Now, as I embark on being a co-breeder for Clearhound whippets, I have imported my own "new blood" in for breeding, our very own 'Finn' Tinstone Granite Quoit. I chose him for his pedigree, as he encompasses some of the best English lines for dual purpose whippets, and for the care his breeders, and the breeders before them put into this breed. My greatest help with whippets has been the advice given by my mother!

Top is Me and Hunter
Bottom Left is Inka in the blue blanket and bottom right is Hunter again

On the subject of favorite memories in the whippet breed, Well, my soul mate has been and might always be Electra (Clearhounds Electra Blue AmFChFChX) - we had some great times coursing, but I guess my favourite memory would be on my 25th birthday, my companion Richard threw me a surprise birthday party up at his cottage. I was in university at the time and Electra was living back at my mum's and I only got to see her on weekends. Richard told me there was to be a guest of honour at my party. Well, as I was sitting and waiting, the door opened and in ran my Electra, leaping all over me with kisses. My friends Dominique and Gavin had picked her up from my mother's and brought her up to the party for me. I was touched not only by my beloved dog being there to help celebrate, but by the people around me knowing how Electra is truly a 'guest of honour" in my life! Hunter (Clearhounds Hunter CanAmFCh.) is my baby girl - she acts more like a human child than a dog. One memory of Hunter would be very difficult - she's my "pink-pig" - always into everything! And I do mean everything! Anyone who knows her understands what I mean! Inka (Ch.Clearhounds Inka FCh.) is my youngster, who wakes me up in the morning by somersaulting onto my head and jumps up and gives me kisses after each and every course she has ever ran. Finn, our little brit-boy, is a true character, who gets excited at the smell of perfume cause then he knows he's going to a show (weirdo!!), digs holes where he finds bottles of poison,license plates, batteries, bottle caps, and lives to run free in the fields. And my new baby Jordan, who makes me laugh with her "talking", her cocking of her head from side to side when you speak to her, and the flat out determination she puts into running as fast as she possibly can. And these are only the whippets that I own or co-own on 'paper' - it doesn't speak of the whippets that I have loved and that have graced my life through the years that I don't own, but certainly have 'owned' me.

Top is Electra and myself and bottom is Hunter and Electra

As for the future of the breed, unfortunately, Where would I like to see the future, or where do I actually see the future going? Big difference! I hear and see people breeding all 'willy-nilly' and coming up with the most atrocious specimens of the breed - health, temperament, and structure is completely ignored in favour of egos, politics and money. It is such a huge responsibility to breed and find responsible and loving homes for pups and continue to support and help these whippet owners for all of their whippets' life. My future plans are to continue my dedication to the multi purpose English whippet, and to occasionally breed, strong, healthy and happy members of the breed for myself and others to enjoy. If I was to share something with other whippet owners, I guess it would be "better have a sense of humour!!"

Left is Hunter lounging in 'her' chair at the kitchen table and right is Hunter and Inka playing in the snow

Top is Finn at 6 months with his "Finny Face" on
Bottom left is Electra in her favourite lounging seat and right is Finn at 8 months.

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