CH DenGayles Show Biz and CH DenGayles Positively Blisful and Pam. Biz and Bliss pictured at 5 1/2 months of age.

Pam Murphy, Steve, Brandon, Travis and all of the hounds at DenGayle. The Murphy family has been involved in whippets for 12 years. We are located in Eaton, Indiana. We have 13 acres - all fenced which the whippets and italian greyhounds run on every day.

Our first showdog was a basset hound! It quickly became apparent that I wanted a breed to show that was a little more cooperative! I loved the look and athleticism of the whippet and was quickly taken in by the breed. Our first whippet was a real training experience for me and many shows later we achieved our first Championship. Though there was much money spent and many long drives home, I learned a huge amount during that time about the breed and what I liked and what I wanted structurally in my whippets. I owe a huge amount of thanks to Jeanne Williams and Kathy Thomas (Watch Me Whippets) from which I purchased my foundation bitch, CH Lambay Watch Me Heaven Sent. Jeanne and Kathy and I formed a wonderful relationship resulting in many special dogs. I was so fortunate to be included as a co-breeder in the Bianca / Knick breeding that resulted in several beautiful dogs, my beloved CH DenGayles Show Biz and his sister CH DenGayles Positively Blisful, both of which continue to play a major role in our breeding program here at DenGayle. Another result of that beautiful litter was Blair (BIS BISS CH Watch Me Frolic at DenGayle). In 1996 we purchased and campaigned our first Italian Greyhound, BISS CH Bo-Bett's Peter Platinum. After a whirlwind year in 1996 including winning the National Specialty, we quickly became equally involved in this breed as well as the whippets.

Left is CH DenGayles Show Biz - our constant clown!!!
Right is CH Wildcard N Snowcap's Hallmark

While Steve and I have enjoyed much success in the conformation ring, I have to say that our most favorite memories with the whippets are much more family oriented. Nothing warms our hearts more that seeing the whippets cuddling or playing with our sons, Brandon and Travis. There is nothing more exhilarating than watching the whippets run across the front pasture or stand on the edge of the pond with the sun setting behind them. These moments are unforgettable.


Top and bottom right is CH Lambay Watch Me Heaven Sent
Bottom left is Peter and Pam

While we focus on whippets and italian greyhounds here at DenGayle, I love all breeds and enjoy the challenge of working with different breeds. I think this is why I enjoy professional handling so much because it gives me the opportunity to work with so many different breeds. Over the course of the last several years, I have increased the number of client dogs that I am handling along with our whippets and italian greyhounds. We travel to approximately 100 shows per year.

We have recently updated our website and invite everyone to visit us, our whippets and italian greyhounds at

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Left is DenGayles Bump N Run --- Annika in the front flower bed. My other favorite thing to do is garden and what better way to reap the rewards of both of my hobbies. Annika in the flower bed
Right is This is Zoom (DenGayles Zoom Zoom Zoom), one of our upcoming puppies.