Jacky Quirós Kubat

Jacky Quirós Kubat and Dragonfly Kennel from Argentina. This is her story about owning whippets.
"As a little girl I fell in love with a black greyhound and I so missed him when we moved to Baltimore that for my eight birthday my dad bought me my first show dog, an afghan. I told him then that when I grew up I would breed whippets and greyhounds, become a professional handler and later a "judge", and that is exactly what happened.

When we later moved to Japan where my father was stationed as Ambassador, I became one of the founders of the Japan SPCA. Upon my return to the States I married, and my husband who is a devote hunter, gave me a weimaraner for my birthday. A breed that I still breed today.

In 1963, I saw an ad in the newspaper for a year old whippet bitch. I went to see her and it was love at first sight. A councidence, we were both born on the same day, and she was the best birthday present I ever gave myself. "Gypsy", that's her name, was english from the Allways Kennels. The AKC gave me 90 days in which to finish her, and get her, her sire, and dam registered in the US. She finished in California on the 89th day, and her individual papers came on the 90th. She was the very much loved founder of Dragonfly Kennels. Obviously she could only be bred to the very best and so we flew out from California to New Hampshire to breed her to "the Golden one", Eng.Am.Ch. Courtenay's Fleetfoot of Pennyworth. Out of a litter of 6, 5 finished the 6th pointed, and broke his leg which ended his show career. I later acquired Gigi of Test in whelp to Ch. Ladiesfield Bedazzled and kept little Eveningstar and bred her to my Ricky-Gypsy son -Arg.Am.Int.Gr.Ch. Dragonfly's Wingedfoot. That produced Am.Arg.Ch. Dragonfly's April Eveningstar (who later became top whippet in 1972-1973 in Argentine).

My mentors in the breed are Chris Shuttleworth, Billy Pym, Ellsworth Gamble, Peggy Newcombe and Max Madger.

A few generations of Dragonfly Whippets
From left to right: Am.Arg.Ch. Sporting Field's Split Decision (Trevor, sire),World Ch.Int.Ch.GrCh.Arg.Dragonfly's Helen of Troy (Helen, dam)
And get:Arg.Ch. Dragonfly's Dream Chaser (Dream), Gr.Ch.Arg.Int.Ch. Dragonfly's Dreama Lil Dream (Sara),Arg. Ch. Dragonfly's Dream Catcher (Goldi)

My first all American whippet was Ch. Falotico's Galatea. From that time, I have repeatedly bred English to American bloodlines with excellent results. I imported Ch. Moorlands Gamesborough who went back to Khiva, Morshor and Greenbrae. Later Ch. Indio de Roberjos (Lorricbrook and Oldlands), Ch. Pennyworth's Shimmering Gold (Lorricbrook), Ambiciosa de Roberjos (Ch. Hardknott Maestro of Boheme x my old bloodlines); Ch. Noholme Beau Zam (NZ); Am.Arg.Ch. Sporting Fields Split Decision (Luke's litter brother). Our last imports have been Arg.Ch. Woodbrook's Chariots of Fire (Woodbrooks Peppermint Patty x Ch. Statuesque Extortion); Arg.Ur.Ch. Arizona Dragonfly de Vida Nova (Ch. Noble Gucci du Manoir de la Grenouillere x Ch. Silkrock Surrey Hill Aida-Sporting Fields Jazz Fest x Surrey Hills Sanibel Sands- I imported Sands, and intime I imported Arg. Ch.Infinitu's Boy Hulga" (Boheme, Sporting Fields and my old bloodlines) and Dragonfly's Julia of Blue Chips (by Am.Br.Ch. Chelsea Longkiss Goodnight x Arg.Br.Ch. Mr. Collins Easy Lover -Ch. Noholme Beau Zam x ArgGrCh. Dragonfly's Creme de Menthe) .

Gr.Ch.Int.Ch. Dragonfly's Dreama Lil Dream (1999 #1 whippet, #17 allbreeds, daughter of Am.Ch. Sporting Fields Split Decision x Gr.Ch.Int.WorldCh. Dragonfly's Helen of Troy, #1 whippet 1994,1995,1996. She was bred to Am.Bras.Ch. Surrey Hills Hands Storm Surge and we have 7 lovely pups. And both, Ch. Dragonfly's Penny Lane and Ch. Dragonfly's Xochitl were bred to Arg.Ur.Ch. Arizona Dragonfly de Vida Nova.

Past Stars
Left is Multi BIS Am.Arg.Int.Gr.Ch. Dragonfly's April Eveningstar "STAR" (Am.Arg.Int.Gr.Ch. Dragonfly's Wingedfoot x Dragonfly's Eveningstar)

And Right is Multi BIS Arg.Uru.Int.Gr.Ch. Dragonfly's Pikake "PIKAKE" (BIS Am.Arg.Int.Gr.Ch. Dragonfly's April Eveningstar x Ch. Falotico's Galatea)

Gr.Ch.Int.Ch. Dragonfly's Dreama Lil Dream "Sara" 1999 #1 Whippet

Outstanding whippets include Am.Eng.Ch. Courtenay's Fleetfood of Pennyworth, Ch. Saxonshore's Flashdance, Ch. Sporting Fields Kinsman, Ch. Goldust's Twenty Four Karat. The thing that all had in common primarly was balance, true breed type and proper movement also lovely expressions. A whippet should be an "art nouveau dog" all curves, and the only angle being that of the hock. Being athletes, they should be lean and well muscled. An elegant yet powerful dog with large expressive eyes that can melt everything on this world, a strong underjaw, good fill in forechest, deep brisket with a pronounced tuck up and the proper topline with the arch over the loin that carries smoothly all the way through to the hock joint. Balance is of utmost importance. A neck too long, a loin too long, an overangulated rear, might be fine for a Lladro satue but it is not harmonious and is anti-funcional, their low effortless "clipping the daisies" stride is sheer poetry in motion.

One has to live with whippets in order to appreciate their happy, gregarions, clever, cunning devilish, possesive, loving, get under your skin and you sheets character.

One never tires of watching them at play or asleep as they are always esthetic. But beware however it is easy to get hooked. They are like popcorn one will lead to more and you may well find yourself with all of the arenchaiss in your living room occupied by these sleek loving creatures.

In the Ring

It's of my opinion that breeders and judges alike must always keep in mind that greyhounds, IG's and whippets are three different breeds with different breedtype and characteristics. Lets not have whippety greyhounds, greyhoundy whippets or whippety IG's.

Let us concentrate and strive on breeding: 1) the true whippet type; 2) front assembly: correct front angulation there are too many straight fronts (straight short upper arms); 3) large expressive eyes we are seeing to many small squinty (looking at the sun type eyes); 4) good fill forechest; 5) well defined strong underjaw; 6) proper toplines with the arch over the loin and ofcourse fundamentally BALANCE and needless to say 7) clipping the daisies movement.

I believe that it is important to follow pedigrees, provided one can remember the specific virtues and faults, of their forefathers. To inbreed or linebreed on specimens that have similar faults just because the sire, dam, or gransire was lucky enought to have been a champion, can be disasterons. One is far better off to outcross to a dog that has the virtues you are looking for. And then come back into your own line. This of course doesn't mean that if you breed a huge dog to a small bitch that you will get middle size dogs."

"Many people complain about judges putting up dogs with flat toplines, straight fronts or hacking movements. Judges can only put up what they have in front of them. The breeder is the only one to blame for what's going up. Any dog that is in the ring long enough and at times with a good handler can finish, but be honest with yourselves and the breed, is that what you want, an accumulation of mediocre champions so that the sire or dam can have more champions to his or her credit; or are you trying to improve the breed. All the puppies in the litter aren't top show dogs. Let's show the best and breed to the best in order to better the breed.

Left is GrChArgUrCh.Dragonfly's Chantal the Lenoir
Top whippet and top sighthound 2000/2001, #6 allbreeds 2000 and #14 allbreeds 2001
Right is "Sally" Dragonfly's A Dreamer Dreams
and daughter to Gr.Ch.Int.Ch. Dragonfly's Dreama Lil Dream "Sara"

We are lucky enough to have a basically sound breed, there are isolated cases of autoimmune, thyroid, or epilepsy. Should this happen to one of your dogs trace back to where it comes from and eliminate breeding to it. In a recent article I was chagrined to hear of cases of biters, this IS NOT A WHIPPET CHARACTERISTIC and one should never ever ever breed to such a dog "NO MATTER HOW PRETTY HE MIGHT BE". Let's be happy that our breed is not a commercial breed that's the reason it is still pretty healthy. Let's keep it that way.

The spanish word for breeder is "CRIADOR" (CREATOR). To bring a living being unto planet earth is a great responsability. A responsability the creator or breeder must assume for the rest of the dogs life. Whether it is a number one show dog  or the runt of the litter pet. You brought him here you take charge of his destiny. Don't sell him or her to puppy mills, or to just anyone you know nothing about. Whippets are very special people. They are not for everyone, not everyone can understand them. As loving and intelligent as they are, they are not kennel dogs. They need more and deserve more and it's your responsability to see that they get more."

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