"Roscoe" Konza's Special Request
& "Rebel" Noel's Rebel of Chaparral, CD
Rebel is the Chauffer

Ellen Adler has owned whippets since 1962. When I was a child, I wanted a dog, so for an "unbirthday" gift, we went to look at a whippet litter. My mother had done some research and decided it was the perfect breed. She found an ad in the paper and we bought our first whippet Bambi. From that moment, we were hooked!! Bambi was a solid red brindle. Bambi was my high school's Red Cross mascot, and she was always the perfect "patient".

Left "Visa" Ch. Alouette Platinum Pending, SC Relaxing
Right is Widget & Friend
Who's Who?

After I married, it took 7 years to convince my husband that whippets weren't "long legged rats". My next whippet, Noel's Rebel of Chaparral, CD was named after a little girl with whom my son played in the hospital(my son was hospitalized frequently until he was 10 years old). Rebel, the little girl and his friend, died of CF when she was about 7. That was when "Rebel the whippet" moved in with us. She had a black mask and the name "Zorro" just wasn't feminine enough. We then bred her, as per our contract, and all those puppies went to good homes. One is still around today at 15years old.

Left: "Addie" Alouette Roadrunner Adidas(BOB @ 8 months) with "Weba "Roadrunner Alouette Weebok
Right: "Brooks" Alouette Roadrunner Brooks (BOB @ 8 months)

Roscoe "Konza's Special Request", our next whippet, soon joined us. He was a solid black boy that I co-owned with Barb Koch. He had a great sense of humor, and when he was happy he would do sit spins, still don't know how he didn't get dizzy. Roscoe was wone of my all time favorites, however, he died at age 4 of Lupus. Next to join the clan was "Widget", aka Tracer Bobn Alouette A-Haydn CDX, SC. She was my humility dog. My favorite story is when we were in the Open ring in Obedience, and she performed as though she had never heard the word "heel". We flunked and the day went downhill from there. It was a dirt floor and she refused to drop, looked at me and wanted to know why I wanted her to get dirty. Then I threw the dumbbell, she picked it up and spat it across the ring 40 feet, and everyone ringside was in stitches. I instructed her to pick it up, and she did, brought it to me and spat it at me. I told her to pick it up and she did, reluctantly. Death was looking her in the eye that day! The next four exhibitions we received a perfect score!!! When I showed her in conformation, she would jump on the table during the go-round.

Left: "Cutter" with Widget using Cutter as a pillow & Rebel watching
Right: Room for me? Widget, Visa & Kuumba

We bred Widget to Ch. Always Abbey's Gravity Storm and again she outwitted me. Both Gravity and Widget were red brindle with parti's. Widget's sire was Blue brindle/white not with parti. From that breeding, Widget only had one puppy, Visa (Ch Alouette Platinum Pending, SC). His name is Shumard's Stone River, JC aka Southern, also a BOB winner. Visa was born a white-faced blue fawn bitch to our surprise! Visa loves playing ball. She is very possessive though as she will hide it from my RR puppy and puts it in her crate. God help any dog who tries to step foot in the crate. She was my first homebred Champion and she had her first litter last fall. Three of the 4 show puppies already have BOB. The 4 has a major. I have put CDX on a whippet, some CD and SC. I have also been a member of AWC since 1986. Some of my favorite memories with my whippets are with Widget. Widget was a therapy dog at Baylor Hospital in Dallas, TX. There was a little girl was hit by a car on her 4th birthday, she had been playing on her front lawn when a drunk driver drove up on the lawn and hit her. When we met here, she hadn't spoken for 3 or 4 months. After having played with Widget, her first words were "Hi Wi". That still brings tears to my eyes. Another patient that I remember was a comatose boy, who had an n-g tube in his nose. Widget was lying in bed with him, and she started to lick his nostril with the tube in it. The mother said "oh she's trying to get your boogers". From that, the little boy responded to that and started coming around. Another memory was with Rebel, another therapy dog of mine. Rebel was elderly when she became certified to work, and we went to Golden Acres Jewish Home for The Aged. Two elderly women fought over whom Rebel liked best. Rebel curled up in one's lap but was resting her head on the other. It was never resolved. I could go on with other stories such as these as the whippets do such great work in the therapy area and I have many fond memories of their sharing with these patients. My thanks to Ellen for sharing her story with the calendar.

Left: Visa & pups, whats wrong with this picture?
Right: Milk break Visa & Crew
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