SBIS MBPIS Can. Ch. Be The One at ForgetMeNot "Juliette"

ForgetMeNot Whippets are bred and loved by both Joanne Boudreault. Located in Kitchener-Waterloo in Canada.

For as long as I can remember, when I was looking through dog books as a kid, I was always fascinated by the lines and beauty of sighthounds. When I finally convinced my mother to own a dog, we ended up with a borzoi. Quickly we realized we had to give him away because he could not adapt to urban life. After begging, my mother finally agreed to bring a whippet into the family. I purchased my first whippet from Max Magder (Lorricbrook) in 1991. "Alex" was a blue dilute male and was never shown because he grew too large.

At the same time I was corresponding with a whippet breeder in France. Through this correspondence I learned to appreciate the "type" some European whippets have.

Am. Can. Ch. Falconeers Flying Dutchman, C.D. "Dutch"

In 1991, at 19 years old, I moved to the US to work for all-breed handlers Kim Spring and Greg Strong. By reading Sighthound Reviews, I was very excited to discover one of the top winning French whippets' "Multi Ch. Beautiful Dreamer du Sac Malices" or "Kiwi" had been imported to the US by Sharon Sakson. "Kiwi" was a grandson of the handsome "Multi Ch. So Proudly We Hail du Sac Malices" or "Kiwi" (again! very confusing...) who was of half Plumcreek breeding. I never had the chance to see Kiwi (the grandfather) but to me he appeared to be correctly balanced between elegance and strength. I admired him a lot.

I saw Kiwi (the grandson) at my first show in the US. It was at that show I was introduced to Lesley Potts, who at that moment, was looking to place one of his 7 months old son in a show home. I even didn't think before I said, "He's mine!" I have never regretted my choice.

"Dutch" or "Am.Can.Ch. Falconneers Flying Dutchman C.D." is the epitome of the ideal whippet temperament combined with a beautifully correct body type and a healthy desire to run. He was very special to me...

After 2 years of working as an assistant-handler, I returned to Canada and to school. It was time for me to acquire a foundation female. At this time, Kiwi (the grandfather) was living in Sweden and had produced his best son there: "Petter" or "Multi Ch. Airescot Waistcoat." Petter's dam was the top winning Swedish (but US import) "Ch. Bohem Callas of Whippoorwill." Every time I would see some pictures of Petter's offspring, I was and continue to be, amazed by the beauty of their type. A beautiful curvy mix of elegance and strength without the extremes. I have included a picture of one of Petter's daughter which I think represent the type I love so much, "Sw.Ch. Carmodey Gazolin Pettersdotter."

Left is "Swe. Ch. Carmodey Gazolin Pettersdotter"
And Right is Multi Ch. Airescot Waistcoat "Petter"

So, I tried very hard to acquire one of Petter's daughters as a foundation female, but unfortunately, at that time, nothing was exactly what I wanted. Instead I went to a similar bloodline, hoping that one day I could come back with Petter's genes. I purchased my foundation female in 1994, from Bo Bengtson. I was very proud to have a puppy bitch out of a line-breeding of the beautiful "Ch. Whippoorwill Bohem Aria" (Petter's grandmother). Her name is "Angie" or "Can.Ch. Bohem Like An Angel."

Can. Ch. Bohem Like An Angel "Angie"

Angie's first litter was born in 1997. She was bred to Dutch. She had only 3 puppies, in which one of them (Can. Ch. ForgetMeNot Ange Gabriel) easily finished in Canada with BOBs and Best Puppy in Groups. For Angie's second litter, in 1998, I decided to breed her to the young "Mr. Bean" or "Am.Can.Ch. Saxon Shore Roll of Thunder." Of the 7 puppies born only one was shown (it is very hard to sell show puppies in Canada and I was relatively unknown at that time among other whippet enthusiasts). This puppy is "Juliette" or "SBISS MPIS Can.Ch. Be The One at ForgetMeNot." As a puppy, Juliette did a lot of winning. In 1999, between the age of 6 months and 18 months, she finished #6 whippet in Canada. She was shown about 15 times and won 8 Hound Group 1st, 5 BPIS, a SBIS and a SBOS.

SBIS MBPIS Can. Ch. Be The One at ForgetMeNot "Juliette"

ForgetMeNot Cactus Jack "Jack"

As you can see my "kennel" consist of only 2 females. Yet!!! ;-) But as everybody knows, we never have enough whippets!!!! I strive for correct size; sound temperament; curves, strength and elegance; moderate angles; not too long in body; deep chest; and typey head with big, round eyes.

In the near future, I'm looking forward to add Scandinavian genes in my mostly American bloodlines. Make sure you visit ForgetMeNot Whippets Web Page for a look at more beautiful whippets!

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