Edith, Grovenor's Good Stuff

Steven Klein of Grovenor Whippets has owned and been around whippets most of his life. My mother brought home our first whippet from Marge Siebern in 1965. We had poodles and my mother was visiting on something poodle related. She saw Guin, Seyberne's Lady Guinevere, CD, a Ricky and Betony daughter. It was love at first sight. She was just a few months old at the time, and I was 5 years old. My mother brought her into the house and we immediately adopted each other. We bred our first litter in 1967, which produced two champions, one of which was a BIS winner. What started out as a family venture became my mother and me during the early 70's until her death in '96. In '97 I moved from Ohio to Arizona , where I have established the Valley of the Sun Whippet Ranch to carry on our work. One of the most important influences in whippets was ,of course, my mother. She had an encyclopedic knowledge of the breed and knew the various dogs well. She could tell how a dog would move before she put her hand on it just by looking at it, and seeing how it was put together.

The family portrait is: Evan (Grovenor's Bad Influence), Evvie (that's two "v"s , not a "w" Grovenor's Even Better) Norman, Grovenor's Bolt of Fire, and Edith, (Grovenor's Good Stuff) Evan and Evvie are Norman and Edith's kids. Right is Edith w/ the kids at about 12 weeks old.

Early influences were Marge Siebern and Diane Moore ( I knew her well pre-Bleecker). Even as a child, I was eager to learn about the breed. I began showing our dogs even before I was old enough to show in juniors. I learned quite a bit about handling from Marge, and as I became older I was tutored by Jerry Edwards and also managed to bug LaMar Mathis from time to time. He judged juniors quite often and I would talk to him as to how to improve my handling. More recently, Rob Figler has been of great help. Plus my Arizona friends have been terrific.

From circa 1973. That's my mother, Sonja, with Peter (Grovenor's Fame 'n Fortune) and me.

One of my fondest memories is watching Midi, Ch Grovenor's Miss Chiff, finish her championship. She was from our first litter, and our first home-bred champion. Another is Edith, Grovenor's Good Stuff, taking WB at Flagstaff in '97, our first show in Arizona. My main interest is showing, however, I have become active in lure coursing and would love to see straight racing get going in our area. I would like to see more truly "multi-purpose" whippets that do well in all venues.

Target, Grovenor's On Target, a day or two before the litter was whelped on July 4th. The puppies nursing are the Targettes, just a few hours old. Lower is composite is the Targettes at about 12 hours old. Daddy dog is Lori Nelson's CH. Wildfire's Tradewinds.

I would like to see a return to one type of whippet, a truly versatile all-around performer, rather than a further splintering of show only, racing only, etc. My ideal whippet is functional and attractive, although I favor soundness over sheer prettiness. I really admire the dogs that do well in a variety of venues.

photo is a three generation photo, from left to right, youngest to oldest, Buck (Grovenor's Freewynd Firebolt) Haley (Grovenor's Born of Fire) and Pi (Grovenor's Pillar of Fire).

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