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Heidi Woody has owned whippets for four and a half years: I've only been in the breed 4 1/2 years, and I've never done any breeding, showing or lure coursing. I've done lure coursing practices, but never the real thing. My first Whippet is the most wonderful Whippet ever! He and I did therepy work when we lived in St Louis (We just moved to Charlotte NC). He worked with the elderly and children and even in Hospice. He is the kindest and most loving creature. I totally trust him. I've had dogs all of my life and this is the first dog that I can truely say I would trust around any sitution not to get aggressive. He's a wonderful dog and a great friend. Once, when we were visiting a young boy who was brain damaged and had very little control over his hands, the boy reached out and grabbed DeeOGee's ear and his grip tightened around it. When DeeOGee yelped, and I, and the threrepist we were working with tried to get the boy to release his hand, the little boy got nervous and his hand tightened and twisted the ear further. Even though DeeOGee was obviously in pain, he seem to know that we were trying to help him and he remained calm. When the boy finally was able to release DeeOGee's ear, DeeOGee lunged for his face. I watched helplessly, being unable to react quickly enough as DeeOGee gave the boy a kiss, as if to say, "I know you didn't mean to hurt me." That told me so much about my dog. It also really lightened a very tense situation.


Our little Tally is almost 5 months old and she's a real cutie, as well as beautiful. She has a sweet and funny disposition and hopefully will grow up to be as warm and loving as her big brother. Right now, she's a crazy puppy and does a lot of silly puppy things.


The "big brother" is Bubba, the Pomeranian. He's 7 and very much in charge of the whippets and us for that matter. DeeOGee grew up thinking he was a Pom and was much relieved when we got Tally and he discovered that he was not an odd shaped Pom, but a beautiful Whippet.

I got both of the Whippets from Glenda Durrance of Cherche' kennels who was and continues to be a wonderful advisor and has become a wonderful friend. She and her daughter Chris Hatcher are totally unselfish and share their love of the breed totally. They are always available for questions and wonderful people. I found out about the breed from my vet, after loosing a beloved Sheltie. I went looking for a breed with a good health record, and Whippets were on the list. Through my search, I met so many nice people who welcomed my calls and questions. I visted Kristy Lampe who has five whippets to find out what they looked like. I also went to one other home, before deciding on the breed. Glenda called, after hearing about me through the grapevine and that I was looking for a Whippet. She had heard that we had a good reputation as a pet home and invited me to come out to see her puppies. The rest is history. We, my sons, and I and even my husband who wouldn't admit it, fell in love with the little black brendle dude and it's just keeps getting better!
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