The whole crew in 1992, unplanned photo.
"Mystery" Lyth Mystique SORC!! ARM FCh
"Sabre" Lyth Sabre, ARM ORC, CD, TDI
"Lurgan" Lyth Lord Lurgan, FCh, (ARM & ORC pointed, TDI
"Dusty" PJ's Mr. All Ears, LCM, VET
"LaRoux" Lyth Loowh, FCh, ORC, 8 1/2 ARM Points

Jeni Mellinger: I was introduced to the whippet breed by Judy Leary at a SHOT lure coursing trial in Virginia Beach. I purchased PJ's Mr. All Ears LCM (Ch Sportingfield's Strider X Ch Briarcreek's Kiss Me Kate FCH). Dusty was my beloved partner in crime for 10 years. Together, we did obedience, agility, coursing, and together we learned about racing.

"Mystique" She was 19" tall and 29 lbs, #1 NOTRA Champion 1991 & # 2 in 1992. Lyth Mystique ARM, SORC II, FCh, multi best in Fields.

My first mentor was Mike McCullough. He taught me about coursing and racing. Indirectly, he influenced me to go in another direction in attempts to get a dog that was a little more competitive. In comes Lyth Mystique that I co-owned with my nephew, Christopher Williams. My new mentors became Karen & Tony Lewis

The second most influential man of my life, my dad, Roy Miller. Without him and my mother's support over the years, our hounds never would have come to their full potentials.

"Dodger" Lyth Artful Dodger CD, JC and a visit to "The Biltmore"

Left is "High Tone's Pajama Game RCh, ORC, WRCH, JC" with co-owner Pamela Blesh and right is Wizard and Dodger on vacation with Reed in Helen GA

There are so many fond memories! One would have to be how Flyn' Dust became my kennel name. It was when I traveled out to do some training with Mike. I arrived with my afghan, mutt, & Dusty. We pulled in and Mike asked where Dusty was. He had seen some game along the road into Mike' and had flown out the window to give chase. Hence, "Flying Dust". Another of my favorite memories was watching two great bitches that left all of our lives too quickly! Mystery & Pooh (Ringdove Quamichan), these two put on some of the most exciting duals on the Ohio oval track ever.

Sabre, Reed with Lurgan and LaRoux, well tempered, well mannered hounds get to go on carriage rides!

The breed is making improvements. We are seeing alot of show folks really starting to enjoy performance and these people are also becoming more appreciative of the performance dogs. I'd like to see the AKC support or regulate breeding. I would also like to see a dog prove itself in both avenue's to be used for breeding stock. It's sad to see so many prick ears or whippets that won't even chase. Personally, I like to see versatility in my dogs. They perform in many venues and as I learn more, I hope to improve that. I feel very honored to have been blessed with several multi-titled hounds.
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"Wizard" Flyn' D R'ntles P'Ball Wizard CD,WRCH,SORC,FCH,AV in action and doing therapy work at Penn State University during the Special Olympics