Left to right are "Cisco" Loughren Symphony, "Spotty" the rescue dog, "Cooper" Kelcrest's Coupe DeVille

Jill Rizk . Around ’83 I flew from Wyoming to California to ride horses under Hilda Gurney. I’d just lost my 7 year old German Shepard, Ty, to cancer and was heartbroken. One of the first things that caught my attention at Hilda’s were her dogs. Megan and Maggie were whippets that had been dumped as pups. Instead of watching the horses, I kept watching these 2 dogs chasing across the pastures, catching gophers and just being whippets. Later in the week, we went to a show in San Diego and I was given Megan to take care of for the day. That’s when I realized I couldn’t live without one of these dogs.


Returning to Wyoming, I had no idea how to find a whippet and looked in Dog World. The closest was an ad in Washington that Christine Hopperstad had placed. All she had was a 6 month old male that she’d decided to place. We exchanged information and “Teegan” was on his way. Fifteen years later, I’m as much in love with the breed as ever. I’m into the second generation now and have a collection of “types”.


I started racing after a move to California and an introduction to Jean Balint. Teegan wasn’t very fast, but he sure loved the running and I was immediately hooked on the racing. Lure coursing was just starting to catch on and very few whippets were ever entered. Over the years I mostly enjoyed oval track racing and lure coursing. After another move to Bellingham, WA, I continued racing with the BC clubs. My current dogs come from Chris Kelsey in WA, June Harrison in BC and a rescue from Laurel Wilks.

"Alex" Finestkind's Alex

Probably one of the most incredible memories I have was of my whippet Teegan. I took him running a lot on the beaches in Santa Cruz and he’d chase the seagulls. One day he was after a seagull that was injured. The gull could still fly somewhat and headed out into the ocean. Teegan went after. I watched as Teegan swam strongly out from the beach, waves crashing over him. He’d come up sputtering, spot the gull and strike out again. Once I realized he was on his way to Monterey, I called him back in. Everyday is filled with fun and entertainment with my gang. They keep my house noisy and give me something to hug and care for.