l-r, Ch. Tudor's Quicksilver Serenade CDX, F.Ch. (Sara, age 14), her son Ch. Jilzan Stormbird SC, F.Ch. (Casey, age 7), his daughter One O'Clock Misty Rose JC, F.Ch. (Brandy, age 5), and her son Ch. Jilzan Jasper Adagio JC, CR (Jasper, age 6 months).

Jill Baum has owned whippets for over 30 years. My parents, Dick and Ida Baum, who bred boxers (Moon Valley Boxers), gotme a whippet when I was 10, and I was HOOKED! I love the sleek looks, and the remarkable speed of the whippet, but their terrific temperments, and general 'livability' is what has kept me in this breed. I studied pedigrees quite a bit, and started with Stoney Meadows bloodlines. I have learned from many, many people over the years - and I still am!

On the subject of favorite memories in the whippet breed, I have several - my two favorite show memories are Sara (Ch. Tudor's Quicksilver Serenade, CDX, F.Ch., going Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite at the 1983 AWC Eastern specialty, which was my first specialty win in whippets. My other favorite was the 1993 AWC National in Dallas, where Millie (Ch. One O'Clock Sunrise At Jilzan, SC, LCM), went Winners Bitch and Best of Winners over 300+ class whippets,from the 12-18 class! Another favorite memory was a hike the dogs and I took on the farm we used to live on in Maryland. I had five whippets at the time. Dancer being the only boy, when they played 'whippet tag', he was usually 'it'. The dogs were all tearing around me in a HUGE circle. Dancer was dodging back and forth, doing the 'butt tuck whippet scoot', and the girls were all chasing him. Every once in a while, one of the girls would peel off, cut off part of the circle, and try to 'cut him off at the pass'! They were having a BLAST! I SO enjoyed watching them run, that that memory has stuck in my mind!

Peri - Ch. Jilzan Peregrine Dream SC, F.Ch., CRX. (Peri has a litter of 2-week-old puppies sired by SBIS Ch. Chelsea Gold Rush of Keynote SC.)


As for the future of the breed, unfortunately, I believe that there are going to continue to be many extremes in the whippet breed. The two most obvious will be the extreme race bred dog, and the extreme show dog. I do think the middle ground in whippets - those that show, run, and lure course with competence - may continue to improve and enlarge - the wonders of instant communication on the whippet lists has opened a lot of people's eyes to a much wider world. I believe that we need to continue to educate breeders, judges, and whippet owners about the dual purpose nature and heritage of the whippet. Muscles are good, and color really SHOULD be immaterial!

"Amaranth" Adagio Amaranth,SC, F.Ch.

Whippets are the canine kingdom's best kept secret - but the word is getting out. We, as custodians of these wonderful dogs, need to be sure that we take good care of them. Health and temperment should ALWAYS be a primary concern when breeding! We need to remember the whippet's origins as a race dog, so that we retain functionality.A well-rounded dog lives a long, healthy life, and has titles at both ends! Jilzan Whippets & Greyhounds, Mesa, AZ Q: What's a Redhead's dating motto? A: The fastest way to a man's heart - is thru his ribcage!

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