"Blush" Ch. Chelsea First Kiss, JC
Elegance....Beauty....and Attitude
This picture of Blush typifies what we strive for at Whippets of Jomyr

Todd Miller and Jomyr Whippets from New York City. "I have been in Whippets for 3 years". I fell in love with the breed and finally got my first whippet, Mitchell on Sept 30, 1997.
I would say the person that has been the most helpful and influential along the way is Sue Vernon (Harwell-Harris) of Summit Whippets. Sue trusted me with my first whippet and continued to believe in me when no one else did. She's been an incredible mentor and I am so glad to be a part of the Summit Family. Others that were extremely influential in keeping me active and involved in the breed are: Carol Chittum (Belaya), Jeanette Dorsey (Treadway), Deann Christianson (Chelsea), Janis Castle (Camelot), Donna Pederson (Wind and Tide), Ann Alexander and Bob Baldridge (Del Cielo), Karen Roberson, Debbie Butt (Sporting Field), Debbie Adams (Jade), Joe Buchanan, Diane Reimer (Snowcap), Lisa Costello, DVM, Barbara Nyby (Red Cloud), Tracy and John Hite (Tivio), Jodi Ellison (Windsheen), Brenda Malick, Hellen Dalton, Patience Renzulli (Warburton), Virginia Huffman (Autumn), Sharon Simmons, Donna O'toole, Dany Canino, Teresa Tessier (Trillium), Kathy Davenport (Kamada), Jean Krikorian (Seafire), Lisa Buzzell (Deep Woods), Lisa Higuchi (Miyabi), Penny Witthauer (Witts End), Jan Swayze (Longlesson), Iva Kimmelman (Merci Isle) ... Susie Manthou (Byzantium) and Becky Dunn...Most Importantly... the biggest thank you to my roommate Samuel Foertmeyer ... Sam spends his entire day looking after my kids...while I work...go to shows...and take the dogs coursing...without his generosity and support...My success and happiness would be minimal....oh, I am sure i've missed many that have helped me soo much...and certainly the dogs themselves... who've taught me the most...I also am thankful for all those that supported me with my Travelling Trio adventures and who inspire me to keep it alive and helped me to make it across the country... !

Top is Todd with the Whippets, "It's a Whippet World!"
Bottom Left is Blush, what a thrill it's been to have her as a part of our Family at Jomyr. Thanks to Deann Christianson and Donna Pederson for blessing us with Blush!

Well...favorite stories...there are sooooo many of them...perhaps the time that I had a rental car, left the dogs in the car for a bit and came back to find the gear shift eaten up and the seat belt holders...luckily...to find that the insurance I purchased covered it and didn't cost me a penny...Or the time that I was assembling my x-pin and I fell into it and the entire x-pin collapsed on top of me...Coming home every day to an orgasmic group of dogs that practically lick your face off.... Watching them run on the beach has to been one of my most beautiful scenes...and perhaps going WD/BOW over 160 + dogs at the Eastern Specialty in 1999 to finish Dino...has to rank up there among the most exciting wins!

Top Left is "Dino" MBIF DC Summit Autumn Gabardine Martin, FCh and top Right is "Mitch" Ch. Summit Court and Spark, SC
Middle Right is "Mac" Summit Autumn Fleecewood Mac, JC Bottom is "Blush" Ch. Chelsea First Kiss, JC and

I think the breed is in good shape. I hope to see the breed to become sounder in movement such that this is the rule instead of the exception. I hope that we continue to keep the curvy shape of the whippet...so that it's beauty and elegance is never lost. Most importantly...that we keep the endearing temperaments...and never let that go away! The best advice is...love your dogs...enjoy every moment you have with them...'cause they don't live forever.

"Dino" MBIF DC Summit Autumn Gabardine Martin, FCh

Left is "Thea" A Dino daughter in the spotlight....That's our Thea Girl... and Right is "Adia" Ch. Summit Brochade D Lang

I am very excited about the versatility of each dog that I own and I will continue to work to maximize the potential of each and every dog I own. We have a breed that truly can do anything we challenge them to do...but we have to get them out there and let them have a chance to do everything they enjoy! I am grateful to everyone that has believed in me...who's stuck by me...and who continues to support me in my adventures of creating my own unique versatile whippets who love and keep on loving!

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Left is Dino's puppies out of Sporting Field's Lady In Red and Right is "Breeze" Sporting Field Autumn Leaves

A Little More Info about some of my Whippets above
"Dino" MBIF DC Summit Autumn Gabardine Martin, FCh: Dino was WD/BOW over 160+ dogs/bitches at the Eastern Specialty 1999 under Magnust Hagstedt to finish his bench championship. Pictured here, he was BOS to his grandmother, Florie, at the Southern California Hound Specialty in 2000. Dino is currently in the top 20 and has also earned his ASFA FCh in the same year. Dino is a dog that can and will do it ALL! Dino now has his 5th litter on the ground and is available to approved bitches.

"Mitch" Ch. Summit Court and Spark, SC: Mitchell was my first whippet. He has taught me everything I know about being a whippet owner. Mitchell is the kind of dog that nothing phases him....he's mellow yellow...he's our opera singer... he loves to lick your ears...Oh, the special things about Mitchell. Pictured here being awarded and Award of Merit at the Southern California Hound Specialty under Hound Specialist, Espen Engh. Mitchell won a supported entry of 70 at the Palm Springs Kennel Club under breeder, Mary Beth Arthur. Mitchell loves to run and is work hard at finishing his ASFA FCh and is on his way to an obedience title as well. He is a Special boy...My Friend Mitchell!

"Blush" Ch. Chelsea First Kiss, JC: Blush came to us to be shown...She is such the charmer and in just 6 months of showing...she earned her Bench Championship. This is certainly no easy task for whippet bitches. Blush exemplifies whippet type...While she is elegant and sound...her personality always wins you over. Blush will be staying with us at Jomyr, though she will be spending the Winter in California being bred to Ch. Chelsea Drakkar of Oxford, FCh. Blush is well on her way to her ASFA FCh. Who knows what will be next for the Blush Girl....

"Mac" Ch. Summit Autumn Fleecewood Mac, JC: Mac is co-owned by Samuel L Foertmeyer and Jomyr. Mac came to us to be placed as a rescue. Just one look at him and it was obvious that he was too nice to go to any home...He stayed at Jomyr and in very limited showing has 12 points needing a major to finish his Bench Championship. He is AKC pointed in Lure Coursing and will work on his ASFA and AKC FCh this year. Macky Shmackers is a gorgeous rose dilute brindle and white that deserves to be seen. He proves that there is true quality in Dilutes and they, too, need to be seen.

"Breeze" Sporting Field Autumn Leaves: Breeze is the mother of my 1st litter. She is by DC Sporting Field Jazz Fest out of Ch. Autumn's Terry Cloth. Breeze lives up to her name...she was a "breeze" as a mother and has been the same to live with. Thank you Debbie Butt for sharing Mama Breeze with us at Jomyr.

"Adia" Ch. Summit Brochade D Lang: Adia is co-owned by Debbie Butt, Todd Miller, MD and Sue Vernon. Adia resides at Sporting Field Kennel where she finished her championship and is proving herself as a brood bitch for the Sporting Field Kennels. Adia will be back at Jomyr/Summit for a litter in 2001.