The show picture is from a local match. Some of New England's great fall colors are evident in the background.

Kathi Lacasse is featured today and tells us this about owning whippets: "I've been owned by a whippet for almost two years now. I'm a Greyhound trainer, so I've always known about the breed. A friend started raising whippets a few years ago, but as much as I wanted one, I didn't want to "hurt the feelings" of my pet greyhound. My greyhound suddenly died, and I knew it was whippet time. Enter Marikis Road To Roary, "Roamin". Ch Sprtingfields Jazz Fest X Ch C Square's Rhoda Glory.

Enjoying the cool grass on a hot summer day.

He has ruled my life ever since! He goes to work with me every day. He's definitely a GH wannabe. He hates his crate at home, but has no problem with his crate in the kennel. He loves the dog truck. thinks it's great to ride in the back with the GHs. The best part is going to the sprint path to run with the GHs. He doesn't even mind wearing a muzzle. This is so he doesn't grab their ears. A definite favorite of his!

He doesn't like to show. He won't race or course. He's started in agility and really seems to like it. He got his TT last month and he's been certified by Delta Pet Partners. I didn't get him to "do" anything except be a friend. If he never accomplishes anything else, he's far exceded my expectations. I still miss my GH dearly, but Roamin has opened up a whole new world of people and activities to me. He's a great topic of conversation at kids' ball games(He even attended the New England Patriot's football training camp in '99). He loves the attention and I enjoy telling people about the breed.

Roamin wants to be with me so baddly, that he's willing to jmp up on my horse under his ownpower to get there!

He's my special little baby boy and I love him to pieces. Everyone tells me he's spoiled. I don't know where they'de get that idea!

Roamin HATES the New Hampshire seacoast's cold winters. He won't go out without a full dressing included! A children's 3T sweatshirt fits well under his dog coat, and keeps his legs, chest, and neck warm!!!

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