Front is Wychglade Pied Wagtail "Billy" and Back is Wychglade Willow Warbler "Annika"

Malin Westlie and Kennel Macawe are from Sweden. Malin shares her story of owning whippets "I was born into a family owning whippets as pets". I've had one or several Whippets in my life literally since the day I was born and I've never had the urge to own anything but this, the perfect dog :)

In my late teens I became interested in the breeding aspects of Whippets and acquired my foundation bitch a lovely dark red brindle bitch, "Betty", sired by a imported Shalfleet breed dog and line-breed to the successful dog Int CH Cornwater Comet (a son of famous Eng SAf World CH Beseeka Knight Errant of Silkstone) on her dames side. I tried a bit of showing but it didn't agree very well with my or my dog's temperament and to this day I still turn into a nervous wreck when I step into a show ring.

Thunderwhips Bring It Home To Me "Betty"

I was very fortunate in that I could use Eng CH Capo Di Monte as stud for my first litter. The only bitch from that litter, "Musse", is the dame of my current brood bitch.

Macawe Magi "Musse"

I bought myself a lovely black & white dog, "Billy", from England bred by Mr & Mrs Terry & Sheila Smith this summer and am looking forward to breeding some coloured whippets myself. The whippet-l email list is great for meeting people from all over the world. If not for whippet-l I wouldn't own my black & white boy... the showbred coloured Whippet is close to nonexistent at this point in time here in Sweden. Some 40 years ago we had some lovely BIS winning blues though.

Macawe Mezzo-Soprano "Ellen" and "Billy" on Left
and "Billy" on the right

Puppies and puppy buyers are my favourites! There is nothing better than gaining a new friend or being greeted by a dog you sold as a youngster that still has fond memories of you.

Bringing home my black and white baby boy from England this summer was great also. He is a gorgeous dog live with! A real soft cuddly boy :-)

Macawe Mesmerize "Malle"

I would share with other whippet owners that "A healthy Whippet that makes a great pet and lives a long happy life is much more important than any kind of success"! Preserving the diversity of the Whippet gene pool, preserving the working abilities, preserving correct breed type - in short preserving that which was handed down to us as breeders!

Wychglade Willow Warbler "Annika"

A summers day in Sweden on the water

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