"Lesa and Aretha"

Lesa Mason of Holy of Kinship Whippets in Tybee Island, Georgia has owned whippets most of her life. When I was a child my family went to Sporting Fields Kennels to pick out a whippet. I remember seeing several whippets run to greet us at the foot of the driveway. I was awe struck, and it was love at first sight. Our whippet "Snoopy" was six months old when she came to live with us. A week later she proved her hound status when discovered some 5 miles from home in another town standing by the rose bushes in front of the local hospital. Proving no less yielding in the house, she managed to leap over ' gates, open doors, and investigate just about any new found object that was within sight. Obviously, her hound qualities were to be taken seriously as she was quite different from our belated toy poodle. I thought she was cool, but other family members were not convinced. I spent hours with her in obedience training as my Dad secured a fenced run.

"Girls at the Beach"

Memories:: This whippet ran past me on my racing bike and waited a bit beyond for me to catch up. She outran all the dogs in the neighborhood. She caught squirrel and rabbit, and I knew she was capable of catching more which is what worried me. This spectacular creature was adventurous outdoors and a loyal and loving family member indoors. At night she crept under all the blankets at the foot of the bed.

"Max, Ursula, and Louis"

For over a decade of my life, I had to work often in Europe. I remember preparing for one of my first trips that would last for 6 months. My whippet sat on top of all the folded clothes in the middle of the suitcase. Twice I tried to take her out realizing it was hopeless as she wanted to come along. Unfortunately, it was not possible to take her along with me. While working in Europe, I began to study whippets in art history, visit dog shows and to meet breeders. It was a matter of time before I lived with another whippet and then another. I have been encouraged and mentored by Al Miniero and Rob Lopes (Alerek), Owen Light (MImbres), Karen Mesavage (Sac a Malice), and Sharon Sakson (Paris).


Study of the breed in different cultures is full of surprises, and I enjoy the variety. For example, size in France is smaller in breed standard than what is acceptable in the United States. Breed standards need to be studied and understood in regard to their historical and cultural development. It is exciting to be a part of a breed that has very ancient roots and as a historian I endeavor to always learn more about the roots of the breed.