Kismet's Ruby Tuesday ("Tara").

Kiesha Crawmer is today's whippet owner and breeder, and here's what she shares with all of us: My name is Kiesha Crawmer and I live in Spring Lake NC. Along with my husband Mark, I breed/show Italian Greyhounds and Whippets under the "Kismet" prefix. I have had whippets for 4 years. Italian Greyhounds were my first breed, so I was already in love with the general "sighthound" look. I had been watching whippets for a couple of years and decided I would like to make them my second breed. I knew they were much easier to housetrain than IGs, which was a definite "plus". :-)

Kismet's Midnight Rambler ("Kevin") and his junior handler Krystyl Lyons.
Kevin and Krystyl make quite a team!

There have been a lot of whippet people that have been helpful to me at different times. Karen Lee (Surrey Hill) has been great, especially when helping me evaluate my first litter of puppies. She has also helped me with coursing information. Several folks I've never met in person have taught me a lot through email relationships. Deann Christianson (Chelsea) has been very supportive. Cheri Boutelle (Queenie) and Joanne Stewart (Lookout) have encouraged my interest in racing/performance events. I have also learned A LOT from Gazehound-L and Whippet-L, especially from some of the more "colorful" participants. :-)

Ch Appraxin Masqurade at Hasue, JC ("Sabrina")
She is my first whippet and "foundation bitch".

I think in the near future we will see an increase in the number of "dual-purpose" breeders, which (I think) is a great thing for the breed.

My advice is to learn as much as possible and keep an open mind. My ideas about what constitutes a "correct" whippet have changed. They will probably change even more as I continue to learn and participate in more performance activities with my dogs.

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