Peppi & Rex in West Palm Beach Show

Peppi Anne Greco is featured today on the whippet calendar. Peppi has been a great help to me with rescue and other information concerning whippets. This is what Peppi shares about her life with whippets: As a child, of probably 6 years of age, we were on vacation in Florida when I got a glimpse of my first Whippet. My brother and I were standing in front of the vacation cottage when a Whippet cam running into the front yard and just stood there looking at us. I thought I had seen the most beautiful animal in the world...and never forgot that sight. As I grew up I always looked at the Whippet and Greyhound photos in the Encyclopedia and was just totally fascinated by their elegance. I got my big break in the late 60's while at a Air Show in Carson City Nevada. I happen to pick up a newspaper that was sitting next to me and in it was a ad for WHIPPETS for SALE...$35.00. I headed out to this little ranch in the desert and bought my FIRST WHIPPET. His breeding was "Billa de Esta"...a old Saluki kennel, and went back to Canadian ancestors. Well...that was the start of my Love Affair with Whippets...and of course, had to have more!!!

My FIRST photo is of MY ABSOLUTE first try at showing a dog...I had NEVER even been to a dog show, or even a handling class! I just knew that this is what I wanted to do with my life! Well...we ended up putting a 3 point major, under Stoney Meadows Doris Wear, out of American Bred Class...on a little bitch that I had bought from Breeder/Judge Jean G. Ueltschy's "Wheeling Whippets" Jean, my long time friend and mentor, had sold me "Wheeling Shotsilk" as a pet. When I phoned Jean that night and told her that I had won....and didn't even know what a "major" was I think she about passed out!!! We went on to do our share of winning, under some really great judges back when. Another time we took reserve to a 5 point major under Dr. Gerda Kennedy. Not bad for my little "pet" whippet!

my Champion Greyfriars Wildflower (A Chummy daughter) and Greyfriars Unspoken (a Ch. Fenwick of Whippoorwill daughter) (both my whippets...winning at Tri-State Kennel Club, Wheeling W. Va. )

My beautiful "Travis" out of my Ch. Grefriars Wildfower (Whisky) and my Ch. Wheeling GORDON LIGHTFOOT (Rex). Travis lived to be 20 years old, and was my best companion during my racing career. I miss him tremendously. He traveled everywhere with me and had "frequent flyer miles!!!"

Winning trophy race with "You've Got IT" at Wheeling Downs Racing Association, out of the R.L. Lingle and Sons Kennel. I was the first licensed Greyhound trainer in the state of West Virginia, let alone a "woman trainer!" and trained Greyhounds for a some very prestigious kennels at Wheeling Downs Racing Association. I ran top kennel for all those years, also trained at Derby Lanes in St. Petersburg, Fl. I was Associate Judge, Chartwriter, Paddock Judge, Clerk of Scales at Palm Beach Kennel Club, in West Palm Beach, FL.

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Winners Bitch at the South Dade Kennel Club show, with my bitch that I co-own with Yvonne Sovereign "Sowaglas Wee Blue Iris" Mehgan, as she is called, has just produced a beautiful litter of four a few days ago, bred to my outstanding young boy Roadrunners Rex of Ladyhawk.

Left is "Roadrunners Rex of Ladyhawk" as a pup, bred by Denise Travis, DVM (Oklahoma) and Ellen Adler and right is Ladyhawks Lucia di Lammermoor little "Lucy"

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A very old photo from the early 70's of one of my home bred Whippets, "Flash"(down on the farm).Some dogs prefer to walk, Flash prefered to ride everywhere.