Mary Beth Lake of Lake Whippets. She is a wonderful giver to not only our breed but to all animals. "In 1987 I purchased my first whippet". I was the hospital manager for a Veterinary Clinic and had admired the breed that some of our clients would bring in. I had Labs at the time and was showing in obedience. This was a new experience for me in the way of dogs. The Whippet was very laid back and undemanding, unlike the Labs, who were always pushing me to play. My first Whippet Fey's Wild Ditzy was bought from Mary Grant . I breed her to Mary's sisters dog CH. Bo-Bett's Rated PG. Out of this litter I kept my first show dog Lake's Ernest T Goes To Camp. Ernie pointed but turned out to be the king of reserves . His ears became a problem so he was neutered and became my school education dog.

Mary bred her Ch Misty's Sure to Tick to CH Surrey Hill's Houston producing a beautiful litter. I was given a brindle/wht bitch for whelping the litter and bought a fawn/wht bitch from her also. And so began the real show career. Mary repeated the breeding and I purchased a male from that litter. Ch Lyons' Carry The Wind was my first champion and he was followed by his sister Ch Lyons' Too Many Midnights. The fawn/wht bitch did not finish but was breed to CH Bo-Bett's Fourteen Carrot. This produced 8 beautiful Fawn/Wht babies. All went well until the puppies were about 5 weeks old. One pup came down with, what appeared to be, an upper respiratory infection. He died within 12 hrs. The pup was taken to the lab for an autopsy. Tests showed E-Coli infection through out his body. From there all pups were put on a lenghty regimen of antibiotics. These pups stayed with me till they were 4 months old and all ended up doing well. I kept a Male pup that had such beautiful reach and drive. He won the breed twice from the classes. He never finished his CH as he tore his cruciate ligament and was unable to be shown any more. I breed my Brindle/Wht bitch "Tanille" to Ch Surrey Hill Rogue Of Chelsea. This breeding produced the most beautiful smorgasbord of colors you can imagine. This litter also had it's heartaches. Carolyn Bowers bought a Fawn/Wht male Lake's Roundabout from me. He was out being shown when he was poisioned and died a short while later. He had a breed and group placing to his credit before his death. I kept, probably, the most beautiful little whippet bitch I will have ever met or loved. Lake's Stargazing was the love of my life and never had a dog loved me as she did. Megan had just won the breed from the classes 2 weeks earlier, when she was shot by some children in my own back yard, with an arrow. She died before I could get her to a Veterinarian. After her death I really did not want anymore. The hole she left in my heart was just to big.

Carolyn Bowers became my mentor and best friend through this period. As she and I had both lost someone so dear and loving. Carolyn has helped me with my handling and answered all my stupid questions. She beats me up regularly about my fat dogs, making me aware of what I really should be doing. I can never thank her enough for all her understanding and love she has given me all these years. Carol Harris has also been a big influence in my life. She has opened her house and shared her dogs with me. She also has put up with my endless questions and has seen me through my sad times. I owe her a large debt of gratitude and her lovely Bo-Bett whippets. At this time I have 10 whippets. My favorite dog is a young male named Surrey Hill N Lakes The Player "AKA Jeffrey". I remember the first time Jeffrey went to do a school program with me, as he had just taken Ernie's job over. We walked into the auditorium at an Elementary school to 150 Kindergarten kids. His demeanor and behavior was unbelievable. Before we left 150 little hands had caressed and hugged him. This breed never ceases to amaze me in how well they handle almost anything.

Mary Beth and Jeffrey

Lake's Stargazing 1995-1997
My Meggie
I Never Knew Love Till You
No Being Loved Me Like You
You Are and Always Will Be Near
I look Over my Shoulder and You Are There
Love Mom

I am currently working at our local Animal Control facility. I also do whippet rescue. I have a tough job and some times I wonder why I do it. But then when I walk through the kennel and see all the faces needing homes I know why. In 6 years we have taken the dog adoption rate from 18% to 54%. Still too many do not get homes but we keep working at getting the adoption rate even higher. In closing I need to say that our breed is the most special breed of dog I have ever lived with and will be my breed forever. There is nothing I would change about these wonderful animals, except that they live longer.
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