Multipule Group winning Ch. Locar's Royal Doulton

Carol Curry and Locar Whippets. "After spending 14 years in dogs, showing in obedience and conformation, with first a Bedlington Terrier and then German Shepherd Dogs, I bought my first Whippet"..... Wynfall's Nice and Easy. I specifically bought a male as he was to be my ONLY Whippet...... but he was so charming that I knew in a short period of time there would be more. About 8 months later I bought "Nice" a Whippet friend to keep him company. I bought a 18 month old white and fawn bitch from John Shelton ( Sheridan) to become Nices' "buddy", for as well as he got along with the GSDs, he was too small to really play with them. I remember the first night I brought "Minnie Mouse" home with me after work on a Friday night. Nice was beside himself with joy at finally having "one of his kind" around to play with. Play they did for hours, but when it came time to go to bed that night Nice was not so pleased that "Minnnie" was going to spend the night. In fact his nose was rather out of joint that she was going to stay! It did not take long tho before the two were inseparable.

SBIS Ch. Locar's Martini on the Rocks ROMX

John Shelton became a friend and a mentor for me, along with Richard Reynolds (Roving) who lived in nearby Carmel, Ca. and shared many of the same bloodlines with John. These two had the "look" that I was looking for in a Whippet., In 1977 I was able to purchase a beautiful bitch from Richard Reynolds "Roving Roadside Attraction" (Charlie) who became easily my first whippet Champion and a foundations bitch for my Whippets. Richard, John and later Norman Ellis ( Madcap) guided me thru some of my early breedings, working with me on what I wanted and where to go to get it.

I have primarily been involved in the conformation showing end of Whippets. While working in California, I did not have a lot of extra time to delve in to the various aspects of the breed. Minnie Mouse and Charlie attended a few race practices in the early years, but what few weekends I did have at home between shows were needed for yard work and house work. In recent years I have become somewhat involved in lure coursing here in the East. Being retired has given me time to become more involved.

Top is "DC Locar's Ferrari SC FCH" 1995 National Select by Ch.. Locar's Clyde the Glide X Ch. Locar- Datani Total Eclipse ROM
Bottom Left is Ch. Carbeth Black Bart of Locar FCh
Bottom Right is Comet's Can't Wait to Tell!

I have many "favorite memories" of my Whippets.. It would be hard to pick out just one. The breed has given me many good friends to share my time with and that is certainly one thing I am very grateful for. Probably one of my fondest memories was taking a 7 month old puppy to Texas to a supported entry.. That 7 month old fellow won his Sweeps class and went on to Best In Sweeps ; won the BBE class at the supported entry and went on to WD, BW and BOB in a field of 85 ( for five points) and the next day repeated the regular class wins with a second BOB. Those weekends do not come along everyday. AT 9 months he was a Champion with group placements and had a short but fabulous breed career.

Left is 1987 National Select
"BB" Ch. Locar's Dressed to Kill ROM
(Ch. Morshor Appraxin Ariel X Ch. Locar's Opel Rose')

and Right is Ch. Locar's John Henry ( Ch. Sporting Fields Kinsman x Ch. Locar's Inherit the Wind) Right: Ch. Locar's Jokers Wild These two boys created an exciting brace to show as they both rather hated each other. The first few minutes together were exciting. They won many Hound Groups and this BIS Brace.

Unfortunately I see the breed making a greater division than ever, into "show dogs" and "race dogs"....which is a shame. There has always been a gulf, but it seems to be growing greater and greater. In a society where most of our dogs do not really have to work for a living anymore, it is a shame that we cannot enjoy all aspects of this beautiful breed for what we each individually want them to be. If the interest is agility, racing, obedience, showing..... do it! We all do not have to do the same venue to be at peace with each other.

Above all, I would hope that each Whippet owner would enjoy his dog for whatever he can be, a pet, a bench Champion, a race champion, a therapy dog ... whatever! Keep your dogs healthy and enjoy and treasure the friends to be made in the wonderful world of dogs!

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David Howton's little Locar Girl
Locar's Palm Beach Ballot "Elle"

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