Lacey Rose

Lori Rose & Free Range Whippet , Portland, Oregon. I just love, love, love whippets and I am so happy whippets love me! The first whippet I gazed upon cast a spell on me in 1983. It was love at first sight and seven whippets later I am still in awe of these delightful creatures. So many people have mentored over the years..a big whippet kiss from Poppy to Sue Carbajal for her wisdom and kind guidance.

Lori with Poppy and Murphy

A big, big thanks to David Howton for networking me to and the whippet digest lists where a whole new dimension was added to my whippet world. I have met so many great and wise "whippeteers" and had fun meeting some of you in person, too. Thanks to Rinda Clark for inviting Mariah and I out to Jeff and Ramona Bradley's wonderful "Bradley's Field of Dreams" to spend Mother's Day at the race practice where I met some of the nicest whippet people in the Northwest! It was great interneting with Lisa Saunders for her "bad boy belt" that trained foster dog Zig Zag to stop marking in the house!

Sadie Rose

Karen Schechterle for her patience and help in deciding what color to order in a rescue tee shirt and help with ordering the beautiful whippet rescue blanket ! It has been enlightening to learn about raw food diets and slimy raw chicken wings from Sue Smith! And reading the great stories about all of the beloved whippets on Whippet - L, Whippet Talk and Petdogs. And it all began right here with!

Nap Time at the House

Miriah Rose