"Ashley" Finghin's Encore Performance, FCh.(Elysian Like the Night JC LCM7 ROM x Coggeshall As Always SC LCM3 CD TT ROMX CGC)Co-owned with Linda Taylor

Lori Walter and her whippets from Norfolk, VA. I got my first whippet, Ashley (Finghin’s Encore Performance, FCh.) in 1991. While coursing Afghan Hounds, I was introduced to the Whippet breed by fellow coursers. I fell in love with their beauty, personalities, and intensity for the bunny!
It would be tough to narrow it down to who has been most helpful to me along the way, because most of the Whippet people I have met have been very helpful. I would have to say that when I first got Ashley and throughout her coursing career, Donna Richards (TNT) was very helpful. Elaine McMichael (Finghin) has always been there and kept good communication as a breeder. Actually Jen Mellinger was probably the first to introduce me to Whippets and share some of her experience in both coursing and racing before Ashley ever came along. Of course Whippet-L is educational (at times)….as well as entertaining!

"Howie" Peppertree Atlantis (CH Chelsea Poseidon SC x Karasar's Design JC) Co-owned with Ken Stebritz and Haley Graham

My favorite Whippet memories are of Ashley and her accomplishments on the field. She has been a good companion as well. She’s been right by my side through some pretty tough times. We had to stop going to events about five years ago due to personal reasons, but we are looking forward to getting back into being active in events. Look for these new guys out and about… Howie, Sammie, and Frisco! A more recent humorous memory would be when Frisco brought a bird’s leg into the living room! He was quite proud! I can only imagine what happened to the rest of the poor bird!

"Sammie" Finghin's Quantum Leaper (NSBIS Elysian A-few Perrier x Finghin's Firebird Ballet SC LCM3 CanFch CGC) Co-owned with Elaine McMichael

I think more and more of the Whippet folks are trying to achieve a multi-purpose Whippet. The success of this goal, as I see it, will depend on open-mindedness and the willingness to accept and support others in their goals. Of course many will stay within their own venue, and those Whippets are just as important to the breed as those who compete in many venues.

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"Frisco" Coast to Coast Frisco Kid (Lord Dagan Sybones Jones x Wanderlust's Arks of Ceres) Co-owned with Ken Stebritz