"Ashley" Ch./Alt. Ch. Loughren's A Finestkind, FCHX, Am. FCH, CGC

Lorraine Andrusiak and her husband Bob Hobson are featured today and she shares this about owning her whippet Ashley: Bob and I have only been ‘in' whippets for about 3 years. We've never bred a litter and our total whippet ‘kennel' consists of a 5-year-old spayed bitch (Ch./Alt. Ch. Loughren's A Finestkind, FCHX, Am. FCH, CGC "Ashley") and a 3 month old puppy (Capetown Cosmopolitan "Cosby"). We got our ‘start' in whippets 3 years ago when I began researching dog breeds suitable for townhouse life. I settled on the whippet for its elegant lines, short hair and physical capabilities. We began by fostering an elderly, stray rescue whippet for the SPCA but were devastated to find that he had multiple severe health problems. He was deemed unadoptable by the SPCA and was euthanised.


After we lost our rescue whippet, June Harrison of Loughren Whippets gave us Ashley (Ch. Nicklby of Wyndsor FCHX CD x Ch. Booshway's Mystical Finestkind FCH). Her forte is lure-coursing, although she is also pointed on the oval track. She completed her altered show championship, her American field championship and her CGC while living with us. Ashley is an excellent townhouse dog and lives peacefully with our cat.


Our new puppy Cosby (Queenie's Mister Mudslide CRXIII x Loughren White Rain Am FCH) was bred by Sheryl Houghton. Cosby is a sturdy, mischievous little guy whom we have nicknamed ‘Weedwacker' due to his love of demolishing shrubbery. We hope to course, race and perhaps to show him.
Our major influence in the whippet world is, of course, June Harrison of Loughren Whippets. We are very grateful for her trusting us with Ashley, and now she provides ‘doggie day care' for Cosby while we are at work. She has taught us the ‘ropes' of coursing, racing and showing, and continues to encourage us to become more deeply involved in whippet activities.

We now find that whippets and whippet activities have taken over a large part of our lives. We are members of both the Whippet Club of BC and the Greyhound Club of Canada, and Bob is the Designated Gear Hauler for both clubs (that's what happens when you join a whippet club and people find out you have a pickup truck!). Bob is also becoming quite good as a lure operator.
I keep busy incorporating whippets into my many hobbies, including pencil, crayon and ink drawing, watercolours, stained glass, photography, applique, soft sculpture, pyrography, glass etching, clay sculpture, and block printing. I am still very much fascinated with the clean, chiseled lines of the whippet, and they continue to inspire me.