Lynn Underwood at Age 23
White Dog is Ringo's Ringo ARM
Fawn is Eyeland Hannah ARM

Lynn Underwood is from Walnut Creek, California and has owned whippets since she was 18 years old. She was first introduced to the breed by Sylvia And Robert Watt as a child . "I doubt that I had any idea that they were such a special breed but felt they were very appealing playmates".
Slyvia and Robert were from England and lived across the street from my grandparents, where they established a small boarding kennel and animal shelter for those in need. This was a favorite hang out of mine as a child. Little did I know then, that I would own whippets the rest of my life, and that my life-long friends would be whippet's and whippet owners.

A big influence was Gary Beeman, someone who was never allowed to have a dog as a child. On a visit to my mothers, she informed me that Gary has all these skinny dogs, running around the hills with his Hawks. At my first opportunity to escape this family gathering, I dashed up to Gary's to check it out. There I met Ocellus Eyed Sue PCC, the whippet, and her litter of 12 puppies. I took an instant love to these interesting creatures, and Gary told me to take one.... But there a catch, if you take one, you have to come out and try to run your whippet next saturday at Galt California. True to my word, I was there, and became one of the charter members of the Northern California Whippet Fanciers. At a later date, I also became a charter member of the Northern California Whippet Club. LOL, the rest is history, and I have never been without multiple whippets since that Thanksgiving day, when I met my first whippet. Lynn shared with me that she had several Whippet people who influence her over time; Being active in Whippet events I met Pearl Bumgartner of White Acres whippets, Christine Cormany and her father James Young, the Shearer sister's, the Eyles, Barbara and Ralph, and my biggest mentor and still friend today, Donald Frames. All along the way, these people have taught me what I think I know today!!

Wheatland Chica, half sister to Wheatland Makena, soon to start racing her sister. PDQ's Faster Than Speedn Ticket just won the junior puppies, 8-11 mos at the NAWRA/ NORTA national. Ticket came in 6th running with 11-14 mos old puppies,so hope Chica does as well.

In my breeding line, Eyeland Hannah was the first bitch that I bred that was able to produce the type of dog that became "Epinard Whippets". This line could excel in Show, Race, and Open Field coursing. Hannahs first Litter to sire Emberson produced a litter of 12 puppies, all which went on to be multi-titled. On the subject of fond memories: My fondest memories, from all of the whippets that have resided and lived out their lives with me, I had many favorites and many memories . Each whippet leaves there mark on you, and each is unique in their own way. But my two favorites will always be Ringo's Ringo and Eyleland Hannah. Both pre ARM great's of the past that taught me so much about whippets and their and souls. "I still believe in the Rainbow Bridge and that some day, I will be reunited with these two whippets and the rest of my whippet family.

Concerning the future of the breed: My thoughts in what I see today is extreme's on both ends of the scale which are not proper for the breed. There has been a loss of the dual purpose Whippet...Make's one wonder if the prediction of Donald Frames, (one of the last real old time knowledgeable whippet people) has come true! What goes around, will come around again, Whippets always land on there feet as they have through the centuries. I wonder if we see a middle ground again in the years to come, but I doubt I will live to see that. Will those idle, unfounded rumors of thirteen years ago that some have cross bred whippets ever cease? I worry about the Whippet breed with people of this belief who will become the keeper of the flame for this great breed. I hope we can teach the new people to the breed that this is only nonsense and rumors. When a breeder breeds for a special type of whippet, they are bound to succeed in due time. That does not necessarily mean someone has succeeded in cross breeding anything. When the interest of breeding again called for breeding English Whippet's to the American Whippet's, it was bound to make a change in what was considered American mold, and what "type of whippet" really defines in the minds of some people. I know one thing is certain, when you as a breeder, lose site of the performance aspect of the whippet, and your only thought becomes what will win in the ring. Those breeders are dooming the whippet to become a characture of its one great self, the dog that can race in the morning and enter the show ring in the afternoon! About what Lynn would share with other whippet people: I would like to share this with other whippet people that my opinion that whippets are absolutely the best dog in the world. What other breeds have so much versatility to preform in so many venues and still be the best family pet in the world. Guard this breed with all your heart and soul and never forget this breed is more than a show dog. It is a multi-preformance whippet that you show and if you lose site of this, you might just doom this breed to become "just another show dog".

Wheatland Makena RCH,ORC winning BOB at the Texas NAWRA//NOTRA National match with her friend David Hinston, who she dearly loves and will show for and even give's pretty ear's for...Judge Denise Tatro

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