Tony & Karen Lewis and Lyth Whippets. The name LYTH is derived from where we used to live in England. Lyth Hill, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.

Tony started with his love of all Longdogs as soon as he was old enough to walk up a hare in wartime England. He accompanied his uncle, a lurcher man and farmer of the old school where Tony was pressed into service to flush Hares and carry the catch.

Tony was raised on a Warwickshire farm, where during the war years much of the meat on the table was put there by Longdogs. The farm was six miles from Measham, Leicestershire, for many years the Mecca of Whippet racing.

Many of the village men, at that time prdominantly coal miners, owned Whippets or lurchers and Tony spent many hours in the company of these Whippet fanciers (usually without the knowledge and consent of his parents) who as well as racing used their dogs for taking rabbits for sale and for the table.

Karen's love of longdogs began when she adopted an ex-track greyhound. Her love of dogs go back to hr first memories having been brought up with Springers and Cockers(english) her parents bred and showed them all the years she was growing up. She was born and brought up in Little Aston, Staffordshire. She spent all the time she could with both the dogs and horses, showing, show jumping and fox hunting.

She met Tony in 1961 and says she doesn't know whether initially, he fell in love with her or her dog ! Their three children are now all married with children of their own.

Tony and Karen became United States Citizens on 12th. June 1998. Karen also has two minature dachshunds.

We have also owned or been associated with Foxhounds, Working Terriers, Working English Springers, G.S.D.s N.G.R.C Greyhounds, N.G.A.Greyhounds under the" Bowman" prefix. Various Working Lurchers.

We came to Goldendale , Washington from the U.K. in 1979 with three kids, 11 Whippets and one Gypsy bred rough coated lurcher.

We are interested in Open field coursing, Racing and lure coursing. If we had to choose our favorite , would and always has been open field coursing.

LYTH Whippet kennels are the breeders of the:-

1984/85/86/88/95 NPR National Champion
1984/85/86/87/88/91/98 OVAL National Champion
1988 NAWRA National Champion
1996/97/98 WRA National Champion.

Lyth Whippet Kennels are the breeders of :
21 Award of Racing Merit Whippets
25 Oval Racing Champions
6 Supreme Oval Racing Champions
2 Racing Champions (WRA)
2 Racing Champions (NAWRA)

We are the breeders of many FCh's LCM's NACC's NACM's CC's & CM's CD's and yes! some even have SHOW points!!!!

We sometimes have pups for sale to approved homes and have dogs at stud.

Tony and Karen Lewis would like to thank all Lyth owners for their dedication in doing such an excellent job getting titles on these and all the other Lyth Whippets out there. We would also like to thank all our faithful friends who stood by us through troubled times. A very special thank you to David Howton for providing opportunatey and space on the Whippet View Calendar.

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