" Lis-Lis" Ch. Legacy Fleur de Lis of Heian

Mary Jane Pruett has assisted me greatly with both her knowledge and generous donation of old photographs for the Whippet View Pages. She is our featured whippet owner for today and here are her thoughts: "The Whippet...a breed once owned, you will forever be owned by a Whippet." I have had whippets since the early '70's, whether titled or not, they have been my very best friends and bonded companions. In the late 70's, my whippets would be known under the suffix "Heian", a name I chose to use as a constant reminder to strive for excellence in all endeavours(The Heian Period in Japanese history, 850-975 a.d., the flowering of painting sculpture, and literature, a period of excellence and creativity). Some years later it was added to The Workroom from which a variety of creative designs have become a reality...But more on that later...

Two Afghans preceeded my Whippets. One was a smooth and it soon became very clear that coat maintenance was going to be a serious problem for me. A smooth coated breed was the answer and there he was, "Genji", a dark blue puppy wih a dark eye whose father was Ch. Bold Benare of Remlap UD, the first Whippet to earn a Utility degree...Mojo's Prince Hikaru Genji was my first Whippet and he earned his CD and FCH

"Fawna" Windwalker Whitequeen of Heian, CD
"Cricketman" BIS Ch Beyond Cricketman
"Bishop" Ch Stoney Meadows Magnificator


Having Whippets is like owning your own private collection of artwork...the Unicorn Tapestries in New York housed in The Cloisters was the early influence introducing me to the elegance and beauty of this ancient breed...Frequent afternoon visits were a highlight in my young life. Years later I discovered the book La Chasse written by Gaston, Count of Foix(1331-1391)...His distinctive descriptions of the "levriers"(large and small sighthounds), and drawings was the basis for the tapestry designs.

Being in the company of Doris Wear, managing her Kennel in Cecilton, MD for that year and a half, filled me with a myriad of learning experiences...Watching puppies, critiquing her own as well as other Whippets, planning breedings, and sharing experiences going back to the Meander Sisters and Mardomere(just to name a few) have never left my memory. I have never been a breeder, however two of the males that I have owned, "Cricketman" & "Bishop", produced two of the many loves of my life. For this page I'd like to show you these two, "Fawna", my female, and "Spot", a male, my only two left. "Maxine already has a Memorial Page in Whippet View.

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The Workroom of Heian has been an ongoing project since the '70's known early on as The Workroom...Heian was then added to The Workroom from which a variety of creative designs and ideas have become a reality over the years...The original hand crafted items have included dried floral designs swags and topiaries, baskets, garlands, dried rose wreaths, procelain flowers, Christmas decortions, rose balls, stationery, painted ceramic animal dolls, knitted ribbon collars, and hand crafted painted terra cotta pots...The current project of the Workroom of Heian is Canine Time..a collection of breed wall clocks and also Terra Cotta Pots for Gifting and Getting...