"Lore" and the Tire

Pamela Benus. I've only had Whippets 6 years but prior to that I had two rescue Greyhounds for approximately 11 years. I lure coursed the one who wanted to course, trained both to CDs and played agility with one but never competed. I really loved my Greyhounds but I decided I wanted a smaller dog after them. Karen Mlynar convinced me to try Whippets. She assured me they would not shriek and leap at home like they did a lure coursing practices :) Karen found my first Whippet Lore for me and allowed me the honor to co-own and whelp a litter with her. I loved raising the puppies. My second Whippet M came from this litter. Karen is still a great source of information as is Sue Wagner and of course the Whippet lists.

Left is "M" Emmett U-CH Mlynarz To Be Eminent TT, CGC, SC (CH Karasar's Gold Rush x CH Appraxin Mazzie of Mlynarz JC) and right is "Lore" U-CH U-AGI Karasar's Devil's Advocate TT, CGC, JC, OA, NAJ (CH Mimbres Alerek Advocate x CH Karasar's She Devil)

My favorite female Whippet is of course Lore. She is opinionated and determined that she WILL have her way. Extremely food oriented she is easy to train. I love watching her work a crowd. 'look at me. I'm a starving GH. She never feeds me' When they fall for the act and give her a treat, she leaps up and kisses me then starts act II :) Lore is competing in AKC agility in the excellent standard level and open jumpers with weaves. I really must get her into obedience trials since she is trained through open. If you ever see the video Positively Fetching, Lore is in it at approximately 7 months old. This is a retrieve training video. There are many breeds of dogs in it. I am hoping Lore will straight race. She is willing to do it alone but needs practiced with competition. She finds the squawker much more interesting then just a plastic bag. My favorite male Whippet is M also known as Emmett. He is a live in the moment guy. So sweet and loves to run. It takes my breath away watching him run.

"Taz" U-CDX Tazmanian Devil CDX, Canadian CD, TT, CGC goes with the Doberman

M is training in obedience when I'm in the mood. He goes regularly to agility classes but hasn't managed to qualify yet because he gets so excited at trials. His great love is running. I am entering him in the WRA 2000 national. I only have Lore and M :) Both sleep with me. I think I keep the squeaky toy people in business :) Although I love competing with my Whippets, they are most importantly my beloved pets.

The Hunted on the left and "M" in search of on right


I'm optimistic about the future of the breed but do wish there was more emphasis on the Health Foundation. Overall this is such a healthy breed but it won't stay that way unless it is protected and cherished.