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Jen Jensen is from British Columbia, but currently residing in California. This is her story about owning whippets.
Wayde, Kathleen, and I got our first whippet, Streaka, about 3-1/2 years ago. At the time, we were living in Vancouver BC and found Streaka through friends and co-workers, Lorna and Barry Leinbach (Sailaway Whippets). Lorna introduced us to Tony and Helena James of Ringdove Whippets and it was there that we met Streaka.

About eighteen months later, one of Lorna's dogs was being bred to a bitch owned by Pat Newman of Whoapats Whippets. As everyone knows, you can't have just one whippet and so Tighe soon came to live with us. Shortly before bringing Tighe home, we moved to sunny California. No more rain for Streaka and Tighe!


A year later, we learned that Streaka's litter-sister, Sara, was going to be bred. We immediately asked about a puppy from her as it would be the closest thing we'd ever get to a "Streaka puppy". This third pup was Dayton.
And so, here we are, three and one-half years later, with the following dogs: Ringdove Santolina ORC (Streaka), Whoapats Tibernia ORC (Tighe), and Ringdove Zealot (Dayton). In their own ways, they're all my favourites.
We are interested in racing our dogs and are members of two whippet clubs that actively support whippet racing: the BC Whippet Racing Club and the Northern California Whippet Club. The members of both clubs have provided a great deal of support and education to us over the years.

Whoapats Tibernia ORC Tighe

We've also received a lot of help and assistance over the years from some key individuals (whom we are also happy to call our friends): Tony & Helena James (Ringdove), Lorna Leinbach (Sailaway), and Merril and Dave Woolf (Kentfield). They all have given their advice willingly and wisely over the years.


As racing is our first love, we believe that whippets should be able to perform their historic function; to that end, they should be moderate, sound, athletic hounds. I'm of the opinion that functional whippets should be in the show ring as well and, if I ever see a show scheduled nearby that doesn't conflict with a race meet, I might just enter Tighe in it! (Seriously, I do have tentative plans to show Tighe.)
As for the future of the breed, it looks bright from trackside! I've had the chance to see some of the litters bred by friends and fellow club members and I can say that they are producing healthy, attractive, functional whippets. There are no health problems nor breed DQs in these dogs; they're all very good- looking whippets; and, they can do the job they were bred for! What more could one ask for?

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