Susan Heiniger and QuiXand Whippets are from Salt Lake City, Utah. This is Susan's story about owning whippets "About five years ago I had to put my twelve year old chow to sleep and began to search for another dog". I wanted something big enough to jog with me but without the hair and the attitude that the chow had had. I did some research and was very intrigued with the idea of a whippet.

I did some searching and some surfing and decided that I wanted a blue brindle whippet. I really didn't even know what blue brindle was, but it sounded cool. I was told by several breeders that blue brindle was going to be hard to find and that, after all, color is immaterial, but I still, stubbornly, wanted a blue brindle.

"QuiXand On Any Sunday, photo by Sue Burt

Eventually I found a breeder just a few minutes from my house who had just had a litter with TWO blue brindle pups and I promptly put down a deposit. I couldn't wait to become a "collector" of whippets so before I even had my first whippet home I got a 4 month old show-bred boy from Pat and Al Steiner AND a two year old female from Pat Burlingame (my blue brindle puppy was also from Pat Burlingame). Those three dogs started my love affair with the breed as all three are sweet, wonderful, obedient and fun whippets.

The two year old, Regalstock Thais FCh, taught me all about racing, lure coursing, and hunting rabbits. She was and is the best dog I have ever had -- patient and biddable as well as versatile. She is the matriarch of my little packi and has the well-deserved respect of everyone here.

Vitesse Can't Stop The Music at the 2001 NAWRA Nationals, photo by Lindsey Lobree"

Boo, the show-bred boy, taught me that I (and he!) preferred racing to showing. He isn't very fast but he makes up for it in enthusiasm. He has raced in five states and two countries and never fails to give his all. He is also puppy trainer extraordinaire as he never does anything at less than full-throttle.

Tympani's babies", photos by Paula Maloof

Since these first whippets I have had a steady stream of my own and several "guest stars" sleeping on my couch, mooching at my table, and snuggling with my kids.

Coda, co-owned with Pat Burlingame, has finished in the top five of the NAWRA Nationals for the past two years, and just missed the top ten in the NOTRA Nationals in 2001. His children are currently in training all over North America and look like they might follow in Dad's footsteps. Of course, I could be biased!

I know that I will never be without a whippet (or six) in my life. They are truly wonderful hounds and have enriched everything I've done for the past five years.

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