Valentine Pic's are Lacey's 2001 litter. (Ch Vic's Moving Violation "Speedbump" X Int/Am Ch Sandstone's Satin And Lace "Lacey")

Sabine Salo and Rantina Whippets are from Radcliff, KY. Sabine shares her story in whippets "Our Beginning"
My love for animals started at a very young age. However as a child I had to be contend with a few hamsters and Guinea pigs, due to the fact that we lived in a city apartment in Bayreuth Germany, where i grew up.
That all changed with my first dog in 1973, a wire hair Dachshund by the name of Bazi. With that my interest in showing dogs grew and I finally entered my first show. Bazi's fun loving attitude and outgoing nature, made things easy for me in the ring. From then on the flame was kindled never to be put out again.


Unfortunately we lost Bazi after only 9 wonderful years, due to deteriorating health problems. I had lost my buddy, who helped me grow up. Now a teenager, unable to cope with the loss, showing and owning another dog was put on hold for a few years.

Along the way i met my husband, got married, had two kids who also enjoyed the company of animals. It was only natural for that little flame to start burning brighter again. I just had to have another dog. This time we were owned by a little Maltese, who just walked in and took over.


In 1991 we moved to the states, with us we brought our Maltese added 3 Dalmatians and started showing again. At that time i was working at a vet clinic, were a co worker and friend introduced me to Whippets. Thank you Kim Sanluis for introducing me to the love of my live. She invited me to her house, where I met her dogs. I was instantly in love with their loving and happy personality. I knew then, I had to have one of those funny looking skinny dogs.

We were lucky to find that Tom Kirstein, a reputable breeder lived right in our neighborhood. Thank you Tom for trusting us with some of your beautiful Whippets. Over the years we have become friends and even though Tom and Kim both have moved to other states, thanks to our whippets and the Internet we stay in touch.

Int. & Am. Ch Ripshin's Unchained Melody " Melody" (breeder Tom Kirstein "Ripshin") and Int. & Am. Ch Sandstone Satin and Lace "Lacey" (breeder Kim Sanluis "Sandstone"), became our foundation bitches.
Our first homebred Whippet Champion is Ch. Rantina's New Millennium "Millie", a Lacey daughter who finished in her own big way, with 4 majors and made us very proud. All of our our dogs are owner handled.
Well everyone knows about the potato chip effect by now and that is exactly what happened to us. One Whippet alone was just not enough. Right now we are owned by 4 adult Whippets, a 6 month old and 4 puppies and of course the boss, our little old Maltese.
This year we will focus on showing "Nick" Rantina's Saint Nicholas( a Melody son bred by "Rantina") and "Casey" Vic's N Rantina's Private Treaty ( bred by Vickie Neff "Vic's Whippets").
These guys have brought me so much joy, i can't imagine my life without my Whippets.


I enjoy showing our whippets and love them even if they don't win! Their kisses are given with the same passion no matter what. So please let's not trash someone else's dog just because he happened to win over yours today. Don't be blind to dogs from other lines just because the don't "fit in" with yours.
Let's have a little more fun at the shows and be a little more neighborly.

Millie" Ch Rantina's New Millennium

Left "Nick" Rantina's Saint Nicholas
Right is his mother "Melody" Int/Am Ch Ripshin's Unchained Melody


"Nick" in the shoe and Lacey's Puppies on right

"Nick" and "Casey" Vic's N Rantina's Private Treaty on left in the snow and right in the pool is "Spirit" she is "Nick's" sister her name is Rantina's Christmas Spirit BW. She is owned by Tanya Farmer at Brisk Winds

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