Bottom Left: Ch. Raybar's Princess Irulon, CD, TD, SC, CGC, Can. TD, CD By: Ch. Morshor's Majestic Prince, JC, ROMX
With 4 champion kids by DC. Bitterblue's Loco Weed, SC, CD, LCM, ROMX Owned by Anya Rappaport
Front: with Irulon are Am/Can. Ch. Irulan's Shape Of My Heart, SC
Rear: Am/Can. Ch. Irulan's Take It To the Limit, Am/Can. Ch. Irulan's Summertime Dream, JC, and Irulan's Music In The Night, JC

Ray and Barbara Parsons and Raybar Whippets from Tennessee. This is Barbara's story about her life with whippets. "Our first introduction to Whippets came in 1965 when it was suggested that Whippets were a good source of exercise for the, somewhat, lethargic English Setters we currently were breeding". We enjoyed our little Whippet so much (especially watching the ES TRY to catch her) that when she died we immediately set out to find another one. Like a snowball - it was all down (or up) hill from there.

Ch. Raybar's Apricot Brandy "Shasta"
winning a 5 pt major March 1971
Sgt. H. Cox, Judge, Handler: Cindy Parsons

There are many memorable moments in our life with Whippets. Great wins, exciting lure courses, fun times with puppies. Watching Raybar's Starship, LCM "Kojak" run a course was the ultimate thrill in coursing. His strong, long stride; his hairpin turns; his great stamina gave us "goose bumps". Remembering our Am/Can. Ch. Raybar's On The Brink, ROM win an Award of Merit from the Veteran Bitch class at the 1991 National still brings tears for various reasons. The wins I'm Rim had were all memorable, especially when she won groups with our daughter, Cindy, handling against tough SW hound competition. And the puppies......every litter a new beginning, ever hopeful THIS bunch would be the best so far. We still maintain that hope - it's what keeps a breeder in the hunt!

Am/Can. Ch. Raybar's On The Brink, ROM
"Annie BB April 1986, Cynthia Sommers, Judge

We believe that ALL Whippet breeders should never loose sight of what a Whippet is. Quote the standard, "A true sporting hound". Wins are what keeps us all going back for more, but if the breeders don't keep the goal of Whippet type in their breeding programs, the Whippet will continue to become nothing more then another generic showdog. The judging community has a difficult time under-standing Whippet type and will continue to award wins to the flashy pretty dogs as long as breeders keep breeding them.

"Coming down the stretch.
Left to right Ch. Raybar's A Star is Born, FCh.
Ch. Amir's Summer Song Raybar's Starship, LCM "Kojak"

The future of the breed is in the hands of those breeders who READ AND UNDERSTAND THE STANDARD! Not all dogs who course have breed type, and not all dogs who have breed type, course. But, all dogs should have breed type and movement (as outlined in the standard) and at least LOOK as though they could course. Pencil thin necks, shallow fronts, lack of underjaw, lack of width of ham are all features mentioned in the standard. They are there for a reason! A well made Whippet MUST LOOK LIKE A SPORTING HOUND and any Whippet who exhibits the above features cannot be called a "sporting" dog for they cannot do the work they were bred for - catching game. The future? It's in our hands and we'd better start doing something about it - NOW!

"American Whippet Club Southern Specialty, Fall 1994"
First Brood Bitch, Judge Carol Curry Aymes N Raybar's Miss Oceana
Left to Right, Trochee Final Analysis by Ch. Morshor's Majestic Prince, JC, ROMX
Ch. Broadstrider By George, ROMX Ch Broadstrider Georgie Girl by Ch. Hamrya's Lucky Charm, SC, ROM

Left is Raybar's Eye In The Sky "Hawkeye"
And right is Ch. Raybar's Rebecca, JC "Becca"

There is a lot of history from the Whippet Breed at Raybar Whippets so I hope you will visit their new web site and drop Barbara an email as well.

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