Travers with Ch. DenGayles Do The Locomotion and Ch. Rusalka Dayspring Breeze

Jennifer Beach-Buda and Family and Rusalka Whippets. Our first Whippet joined our family in August, 1998. We added another in March, 1999 and a new puppy joined the fun on August 7, 2000. We live near Des Moines, Iowa and I have been active in Borzoi since 1979. With a small-scale hobby kennel we have owned and/or bred around twenty AKC bench champions and three ASFA field champions. In that time we've bred Borzoi Specialty BOB, Specialty point winners, Specialty sweepstakes winners, and group winning and placing Borzoi. I hold several volunteer jobs for the Borzoi Club of America and have judged a numer of puppy and/or veteran Specialty sweepstakes around the United States. I have a demanding weekend schedule during the academic year, but I enter all-breed shows when I can and would like to become more involved with performance events. We also have a lovely veteran Greyhound, Ryal Double Exposure.

Ch. Windigo Rusalka Moonraker

When my son was ten he decided he wanted his own dog, and he wanted a medium-sized dog, not a Borzoi or a Greyhound. We started researching Whippets. Our first is Ch. DenGayle's Do The Locomotion. Julian came to us with three points and I finished him in six shows. My son and I also did some obedience work with Julian.
Our second Whippet, Ch. Windigo Rusalka Moonraker, arrived at three months of age and finished at 18 months of age with her second and third majors at the AWC midwest/supported entry Canfield cluster in early August, 2000. Scarlett is our resident Princess and she loves to catch the Frisbee. Our new addition is a darling four-month-old male pup, DenGayle Rusalka Tee It Up, known as Ace.

DenGayle Rusalka Tee It Up

When my daughter and son travel with me to shows in the spring and summer we like to have another activity planned, if possible. Sightseeing and hiking are high on our list, and the Whippets love the long walks, of course.
All of the Whippet people we've met have been friendly and helpful. I would like to extend a special thank you to the breeders of our Whippets: Pam Murphy, Kathy Thomas, Jeanne Thomas Williams, and Allen Nowatzki.
Our first trip to Ravenna in August, 1998 gave us some very happy memories. My son was 10 years old. The entire experience of meeting Julian, holding him for the first time, lifting up the bedcovers so he could climb into bed for the first time, and so on made it a touching and unforgettable experience for us.

Rosalind and Scarlett on the Heritage Trail near Dubuque, IA.

I would ask all breeders to please do health screenings on their dogs. Yes, Whippets are considered to be comparatively free of heritable diseases, but if you haven't already done so, please act now to help monitor the health of the breed before problems do take hold.

Julian and Scarlett celebrate Y2K with sparkling apple juice.

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