"Bella" SaeSi LaLaLa Means Eye Love U
and her greyhound big sister is Lily
They live in CT, and are deeply loved by Jonny Lippencott

Mary Magee of Saesi Kennels and Whippet Watch Magazine is featured on today's calendar and I know you will enjoy her story. Here is what she shares with all of the whippet group: A tad over six years now. February of 1994 I contacted a family about getting a greyhound, who was at one time a track dog. After speaking with that wonderful soul for quite some time I realized (thankfully) that a grey did not belong in an apartment (I lived in a townhouse at the time). However, they had a litter of puppies, Whippet puppies. I had no clue what a Whippet was prior to speaking with her. After talking, I decided I wanted to know more about this intriguing breed. (speeding up things here) A few days later (and a library trip to educate myself more) I visited said puppies and wonderful woman. That night, Gabe came to live with me ... throwing up all over my car the WHOLE trip home!!

That didn't detour me. I took him to conformation classes (even though I knew the breeder said he was a pet, I wanted to offer him lots of socialization, Yes he is neutered by the way). I also took him to Race meets and met many people I enjoyed. The first time I seen him run after the 'bunny' I was hooked!! I also started going to fun matches and having fun at the shows, in turn became hooked to that also. The saying "they are like potato chips, you can't have just one" is VERY true ... Gabe's litter sister, Tara came to live with me in August of that year! And that was the beginning of the end!

Left is Tara at 2 1/2 years
Rotaiva Snowbird, FCh, CR, JC (AKC maj. ptd.)
Right is Tara at five years of age
(and 5 months after her first litter was born)
doing what she loves best (besides eating)

We now have 5 Whippets, 1 Borzoi:

Tara - Rotaiva Snowbird, FCh, CR (AKC maj. ptd.) our foundation princess

Gabe - Rotaiva's Song from Gabriel, CGC, CRX (ASFA and ARX pointed) our heart
PhaseYa - SaeSi You've Got the Look, AKC ptd (dam to new litter)
Shayde - SaeSi Color Immaterial (7 mths old)
Mouff - Aw You Dawg (7 mths old)

Smooch - SaeSi National Nockout O'Abidjan (LGRA top ten 1999, ORC and AKC Bench ptd) my total clown who swears he is a whippet.

My early advice on whippets came from Gabe and Tara's breeders(Connie and Kenna Hodges [God rest Connie's loving soul], and Vicki Hadley-Macy) and it all helped me tremendously! After going to races I had many MANY questions, they were answered by all those I asked: Gloria Goble, Janice and Gene Harden (he is the one who first ran the lure for my Gabe!), Mike Downey, Cheri Boutelle, Mary Beth and Doug Arthur and so many more! I feel I am VERY fortunate in the aspects that so many are so helpful to me. I have many that I go to with questions and we also debate on different points of the breed, and that is so very important. I just love talking about and reading on the history of the breed, looking through old breed books and corresponding with people across the world. Seeing what is in other countries and understanding their breeding practices helps me to see a complete picture.

Gabe; right, Tara, front Genni

Boogie, Star, Diva and PhaseYa

There are so many great memories in this breed! There is the first point I put on Tara, then her first major, the first win in the Bred By class, first BOB, aaah my first litter (and 2nd and 3rd! each is so special), Tara completing her Field Championship, Gabe obtaining his CRX. See! Just so many things as to the "competition" part. Favorite dog? Impossible! They are all so different and special, each is a part of my heart. Gabe is my first, therefore there is a different bond, a closeness - HE is who created the addiction from his soft manners and loving eyes. Tara, she is my first show girl, my learning lesson! My first FCh, my royal english princess! PhaseYa - my evil child, one who is always full of ideas on how to keep herself from boredom, the one who makes me smile when life gets to be too much. Shayde my soft eyed heart stopper whom we hope has the speed his daddy's pedigree shows and the beauty that total balance brings out. Mouff, the big mouth of the pack and show boy natural with the desire I was striving for! ...see I cannot pick just one! One of the top favorite memories would be seeing my sons in the ring (Jr. and Breed) handling a dog (be it mine or someone else's), and seeing the total compassion that this breed brings out in a child. Another would be watching them run with the sheer joy of life! It is art in life form!! And knowing, when I look into their eyes (my dogs). that the trust, loyalty, respect and deep love is theirs given to me as a gift from God. I think THOSE are the best things I can ever have as memories! I have hopes of seeing the breed come closer together as a family unit on the competitive ground. Sometimes (far from always) there is so much tension between exhibitors (be them show, race, course or what have you) and the tension between one venue and another - I see that gap closing, and thanks to so many who want this breed to stay so versatile, I think it will be done! Also it is a blessing that the Whippet community stands together with questionable homes, and protects the breed with a united front! THANK you everyone who does!!!! What would I share? This breed is one of the best things that I could have ever come across. The sensitivity, lovingness, intensity, artistic qualities, the brains ... all of these things and so many more make the Whippet completely special to me, to not be topped by any other breed. If you are lucky enough in life to have them with you (they become a part of you) ... you have achieved heaven on earth. I hope all who own/breed Whippets always continue to be so protective of them.

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