Karen Schechterle has owned whippets for 30 years. Karen shares this about becoming involved with the whippet breed. I met a pair at a lure course when I had Borzoi and instantly fell in love with them and knew I had to have one someday. No one warned me about the 'potato chip theory.' My second Whippet was my first show dog, and first champion. A son of Whirlaway, he was bred by Farvel (Frederica Page), who became my mentor and friend. She will be 91 this summer and is still special to me.

I don't know that I'd call this my favorite memory, but this memory of whippets is one that has stuck with me often over the years. My Whirlaway son, Snapper, could not be crated or locked in a room and thought we were bonded with super glue. During his show career I really wanted to go out of town with him to some weekend shows. Rather than risk him being hurt in a crate while I went to dinner, I opted to tranquilize him that evening. My vet assured me it would be safe and work, just to wait about 20 min. I did, and Snap was so groggy he couldn't stand up and then fell asleep on bedding in motel room. I had the fastest dinner on record and was back in half hour. He still couldn't stand up, but he had shredded the drapes and the chair by then. He finished his show career locally. snapper left me with a lot of memories!

Ch Sangaree's Moon Dancer "Danny"

WHAT I'd like to see in the future for the breed is a return to the more moderate size Whippet. Also I would like to see more consistency in the breed and not so many different types. I feel we are getting away from the Standard instead of breeding towards it.

Sangaree's Cherokee Moon "Feather"

For those who have Whippets, I don't need to share how great whippets are--and for those who don't have a Whippet, there are too many things to list. One of the main reasons I started showing Whippets was that I noticed the people around their ring always seemed to be having fun and chatting, whereas the Borzoi ring could be quite "reserved" to outsiders. And after 30 yrs, I can still say I am having fun at ringside. I truly believe that Whippet lovers are like an extended family, of which I am very proud to be part of.

A Look at the future and a glance at the past
DJ at 8wks (on left), and his granddad Danny (on right) at same age.

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