Shannon at age 12 with Whirlaway's Silver Lil

Shannon Lyons is from Charlotte North Carolina and just recently got back into the breed after a twelve year absence from the breed. I saw my first Whippet as a young child at an Arabian Horse Show. My parents and grandparents were all horse trainers and seemed at the time that everyone involved with Arabians had Whippets. My parents bought me my first Whippet around 1974 from the renowned breeder Carroll Hayhurst. My first dog was a Ch. Whirlaway's Apache son. What a great way to start with dogs. After the accidental death of my first dog I then got a litter mate from Carroll. My parents were always very supportive of my showing, both Whippets and Arabians.

I have to say that my "mentor" would have to be Carroll Hayhurst of Whirlway in California. He taught me showmanship as a child and encouraged me with the dogs and my breeding. One of the greatest honors I had was when Carroll picked one of the puppies I bred in 1981 to course and show. As a teenager, that was a thrill for me. I can remember Carrol and some of the other So. California coursers coming out to the Thoroughbred ranch that I lived on and practicing lure coursing the dogs on our track. What a thrill it was for a young girl.

My last Whippet that owned was Whilaway's Silver Lil, by Ch. Whirlaway's Tomahawk. She was my constant companion at home on the farm and at the horse shows we traveled to all over the US and Canada. She produced two litters for me by my stud dog Ch. Sir Richard of Kristobel. When she passed on inn 1987 I did not acquire another Whippet, until December of 1999. I am not sure how I survived without owning one (or more) of these wonderful dogs. We purchased a son of Ch. Chelsea's Drakkar of Oxford; Kismet's Midnight Rambler (aka Kevin). He is quickly proving to be a wonderful show dog. At 7 months old and limited showing he has acquired 4 points from the puppy classes and now I get to watch my 12 year old daughter Krystyl have the some fun that I did as a teenager with the dogs. She's already won 2-1st in Novice Junior Showmanship with Kevin and she's having a great time meeting some new and wonderful people. And as the potato chip theory goes, we then purchased a Ch. Saxon Shore Braveheart daughter from Hasue Hounds; SDW Diamondntheruff V Hasue and she starts her show career in June. We have tried to incorporate some of the top breeding programs in the country in our two dogs and look forward to adding an exciting second bitch puppy this Fall. (Watch for this one)

SDW Diamondntheruff V Hasue (Ch Saxon Shore BraveheartJC x Ch Phantom Diamond Lace V Hasue)

After having been out of the Whippets for nearly 12 years there of course has been several generations that have gone by, so I am relearning a lot. I have met many new people and as before, they are helpful and supportive. I hope that my children that become involved in the sport of dogs have the great experience I had as a child. Above all I hope they learn that sportsmanship is a great attribute to have. Win or lose, we can all fun and contribute something to the breed. For those new to the breed, I would like to say that the Whippet is a wonderful "family" dog. They are not an outside dog, but a part of the family, that lives with you, sleeps with you (try and get them out of the bed) and loves the entire family. Treat them as a family member.

Top: Kismet's Midnight Rambler (Ch. Chelsea Drakkar of Oxford, FCh, JC, ROMX x Ch. Appraxin Masqurade at Hasue JC)
Bottom: Shannon Down Snoopy and owner, respected breeder Carroll Hayhurst 1981

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