I haven't advanced to taking those lovely "running dog"
photos at lure coursing events
still too busy jumping around and watching in awe


Sheila Elwin has been into whippets for not quite two years: My husband (Paul Jasionowski) and I researched getting a dog for months. We've got no kids and two cats, so we figured it would be big commitment and change of lifestyle for us. Fortunately, the Internet helped steer us from our early interest in Jack Russells. Scary. The pictures of whippets looked beautiful, and their personality profile seemed right, but we'd never actually met one in person. I really owe my current whippet-mom status to Goose (O'Run Gustav Nordic Wind, or something like that), owned by Karin Buck. We visited her and her mom, Liz, and their whippets. Paul wasn't sure we were doing the right thing, but Goose was the deciding factor. He took a liking to Paul and just totally concentrated all his playing and cuddling on him. Guess who quickly decided this was indeed the right step for us!

Halloween in a house where the dogs are the kids
They were awfully good sports, though.

Our first baby, Shosta (short for Shostakovich), is from Happy Brown, in Perry, Georgia. She is the perfect teacher for new and nervous dog owners, and she definitely mothered us along through the first stages of ownership and still gives constant support. Our little girl, Martha, is from Jan Swayze in Sandy Springs, Georgia. I feel so lucky to have yet another very supportive breeder to call on. Jan and her mom, Peggy, have been the recipients of some late-night phone calls over such emergencies as bee stings, mysterious illnesses, etc. Both breeders remain in contact and get updates on their kids.

"Martha" (Longlesson Martha Graham) wouldn't back down an inch
even though "Shosta" (Emryld's Dark Cadence) towered over her
but they quickly worked out their differences.

My advice for new whippet owners is to get on the Whippet-Talk list. I have learned SO much from the experience of others, and have made new friends, too.