Play a While at Peperone

Pirjo Muhonen and Softouch Whippets from Finland. I got my first whippet in 1985. Since the middle of the 70’s my breeds had been collie and borzoi. Through my friends I learned what a wonderful breed whippet was. At that time the whippets in Finland were not exactly to my liking in appearance, but when Unto Timonen (kennel Woodbrook’s) mated her English import Int Ch. Nevedith Ring Dove to the Swedish Ch. Gardsjons Markus, I thought that this was a litter from where I would like to get a puppy. “Vilma”, Ch. Woodbrook’s Maybe a Fantasy was a whippet who convinced me that this is definitely my breed. She was a gentle, but very energetic bitch with whom I had lots of fun. She died last year at the age of 14.

Sighthounds in Finland are not among the most popular breeds, but they are very active in the areas of showing, racing and lure-coursing. About 150-250 whippets are registered yearly and the breed club, The Finnish Whippet Club has about 300-400 members. Finns are famous for their show activity. There are approximately 40 all breed shows per year plus the specialty shows. The former shows usually attract about 2000-7000 entries. We love to travel and Finnish dogs are a common scene in Scandinavian and other European shows, and also in the Baltic countries. Until the beginning of the 90’s most of our whippets went back to imports from Sweden and England, but in the beginning of the decade we got our first US imports. Among them was Multi Ch. Autumn Terra Bella I’m Redee, who in my opinion had a great impact in people’s minds - she proved that a whippet CAN move and have glamour and elegance - and so helped a lot in making the breed become more visible. Both racing and lure-coursing have long raditions in our country. In fact, I have heard that lure-coursing trials were performed on an ice-covered lake already in the 50’s!! We have quite a many dual champions (show & racing or LC) and triple champions are not rare either (show & racing & LC) .

"Puuma" Softouch Sweet Medicine

At the moment I have five whippets at home and two in co-ownership. “Penni” Int. Ch. Kipin Kapin Autumn Sonata can be considered as my foundation bitch. I have enclosed a photo of her daughter “Puuma”, Softouch Sweet Medicine, whom I kept from her last litter. Enclosed is also a photo of Penni’s sire, Int. Ch. Play a While at Peperone, who is close to my ideal of a whippet.

I don't breed very often - although I love puppies! It's not often easy to find suitable homes for the puppies and there's a lot of responsibility involved. There are so many other things you can do with your whippets and my favorite memories are the long unhurried strolls with them in the summerly woods and to watch how they enjoy running freely.

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