On left, Eng. & Am. Ch. Charmoll Clansman, top whippet in U.S. 1974-1976
On the right, Ch. Sporting Fields Clansman, his son, top whippet in U.S. 1977-1980

Debbie Butt of Sporting Fields Kennel fame. Debbie says she has been in whippets for longer than she can remember, having grown up in a dog family, and growing up she ate, slept, and dreamed whippets. She has owned whippets for 36 years.

Debbie was influenced the most by the late Diane Bleeker of Morshor Kennels who was a mentor to Debbie in addition to her own parents.

Debbie feels that whippets are one of the best kept secrets as they make such wonderful pets and companions, and yet she doesn't feel that they are for everyone. She feels they should be cherished in the home and not left alone for long periods of time. When asked what her favorite memory about a whippet which she has owned in the past or currently owns, she replied: "Oh, that's hard... Everyday with whippets is a favorite memory." However she did come up with a story that she feels is not only a favorite memory but a heroic one as well. That is a story of Luke, Ch Sporting Fields Kinsman, saving daughter Ashley's life. They were in a group, taking photographs by a river when Ashley was just three years old. Somehow, she slipped away from the babysitter. Luke was with Debbie and he suddenly found Ashley under the water and some leaves at the edge of the river with only her little hand in view. Even today, now that Luke is 11 years old, there is a special family bond that supersedes all his many show wins.

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Debbie feels that the most important part of her breeding program is to breed for a well balanced temperament, an all around dog that is both beautiful and functional. Proof of success of that goal is in the record books. The First and only OTCH whippet was bred by Sporting Fields. Sporting Fields produced the only whippet to go BIS, BIF, and SBIS, DC Sporting Fields Winsome Won, SC, FCH. Sporting Fields has also owned the two all time top winning whippets with 59 Best In Shows each, Ch Sporting Fields Clansman and Ch Sporting Fields Kinsman (pictured above).

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Ch Sporting Fields Kinsman
in retirement at 11 years old, winner of 59 BIS

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