Sue Prost has owned whippet for 35 years.....!!!!'s alot of whippets!!! I got my first whippet "Hillary" in 1965 her name was Harbridge Masquerade, I always called her "My very best friend" She reminded me of a deer, she was reverse grizzle with a white face and a black overlay- very unusual, in fact I have seen 1 picture of a whippet marked like her, but have never seen one in person. Three years later I got her sister Brinda, Am Can Ch Harbridge Brindle Serenone C.D.X., the girls were from Harry Bridges line which went back to Mardomere, Meander and Seven League. I bred Brinda and got one champion, Ch. Heatherly's Higgeldy Piggeldy, and 2 wonderful obedience dogs, Heatherly's Isadorable CDX and Heatherly's Hannah Banana C.D.X. Hillary and Brinda lived to be 16 1/2 years old then died within 2 months of each other. My latest litters were in 1992 and 1998, this litter combined Locar (Locar's Spode grandkids and Sportingfields, Rory son Ch Wenricks With Rhyme n Reason.

I train two of my older girls in obedience, but not with the enthuaism as when I was younger. I have been traveling to shows for 25 years with my friend Diann Jameyfield, we co-breed together, but only when we are each in a position to keep something.

Diann bought her first whippets from me in 1972. I have seen a great changes in the whippets over the past 35 years, I feel the type, heads and movement have regressed, but I see some breeders who have a definate look and type in mind and consistantly ad to the quality of the breed. I have no real mentor- but admire many lines. We also straight line race our whippets. We have a small group here in Michigan and the box from Antioch, our group is called Fast Trax and we use modified CWA rules.

The one thought I would share with other whippet owners or prospective owners, no person in your life will ever be as happy and excited to see you as your whippet, their greetings can't help but put you in a happy good mood. I have recieved so much joy from my whippets over the years and met so many great people in our travels.

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