"Jiggs" (he was my 1st Whippet)
AM/INT'L CH Bob'n Just A Gigolo CD FCH SC TT
(CH Saxon Shore Amber Waves "Jason" x Bob'n Humble Harlot "Floozie")
"...wait for me at the first pulley buddy..."
owned and loved by Sue Smith

June 4, 2000
Sue Smith has owned and loved whippets since 1986. I wanted a small dog that "felt" like a big dog, after having owned an assortment of dogs (including a Saluki) prior to this. I was very impressed with the sheer speed and grace of the breed at the chase. Sue's really not a breeder; and is more '...a consumer of finely bred dogs..." - her current crop of dogs descend from the champion lines of whippets CH Runner's He's The Continental, CH Saxon Shore Amber Waves, and CH Bob'n Endless Melody..."

My mentor to the whippet breed was Ann Billups - Bob'n

My best memories of the breed include any of them - when they're out running a rabbit. All those memories are pure poetry. Sues involvement with Whippet Rescue has been very appreciated by Peggy Bush and the Rescue community. Peggy said that Sue has been a tremendous asset to the whippet breed and rescue.

Left is "Scotty" Bob'n Odd Man Out FCH SC
(Bob'n Antares Whippoorwill XS x AM/MEX CH Bob'n Faire Rosalind "Roz")
Right is "Max" FC Wirtu's Get Smart LCM SC
(Wirtu's Rugrat Frogdawg, CD SC LCM4 "Radar" x FC Belaya Wirtu Darling Downs SC LCM2 "Claire")

AM/MEX CH Bob'n Endless Melody FCH SC
shown winning the AWC-Western under Doris Wear from the Veterans class.
Emma was owned by Ann Billups

The Future Of The Breed: I'm greedy. I want a lot. I want a Whippet to carry themselves with the regal grace and arrogance of the cold-blooded hunter that they are. I want a Whippet to move over the ground with lightening speed and tireless effort. I want a Whippet that is the consummate companion, the comedian par-excellence, the dog who will do my bidding when I ask for it. I want a dog that can go from the show ring, to the racetrack and out to the field without missing a step. I want all Whippet people to realize the magnificent heritage of this breed, and be conscious of this when they choose the "stud-du-jour" as the mate for their bitch. I want Whippet people to be proving that the dogs can do what they're bred for - not spouting off that their latest can and will do. I want ONE WHIPPET in our future.

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