Marianne Bunyan and Superfly Whippets from Germany. I am in whippets since 1973 and my kennel Superfly's was founded 1981. My first sighthound was an afghan but then I first saw the whippet breed, from that day on, I could never get enough. I bred until now, you will see it is not easy for me: What to choose? Let's start with the youngster: Superfly's Be God's Glow. She is bred by Ch. Bohem American Gigolo x Ch. Superfly's Pickaninny and is the youngster at home, born 23-3-1999. She was already shown under Espen Engh, Jean Brixhe, Hermann Bürk, Marie Christine Delabelle ,Birgit Wamberg with great success and I am sure she can go on. But she is something special anyway, because she has the sweet "kissing" temperament a Whippet can have, she loves to learn and to work and she can twist and turn on a sixpence. When time comes she will be in the coursingfield too.

Marianne and her group

Superfly's Be God's Glow

I am very proud that this combination worked out so wonderful. Ch. Superfly's Pickaninny was a good choice for "Mike" and her daughter Superfly's Xy as Ecstasy will be bred to "Mike" in a few weeks and I hope everything will be ok and we will have another litter by him. Of course my husband is very sweet and he assist me in any work with and for the dogs, the dog people, owners and everything. All our Whippets live with us in our house. We have a huge terrain where they can run and play and a "Kennel" for special circumstances, but they all live with us on the sofas.

Superfly's Xy as Ecstasy

All my memories concerning my whippets are very special, because each Whippet is so individual. I have to mention my good old "Pebbles" (Ch. Magadha Gracious)she was the leader of the pack until the last weeks of her life. Without her nothing would have been how it is now. My second foundation bitch came from Karen Mesavage "Nancy" (Seven Year Itch du Sac a Malices). Both bitches had some American ancestors . So I worked with my related British studdogs and got a own line. Today I have bred my fifth generation of Superfly. Here are some of my dogs: Ch.Superfly's Indianapolis (Ch.Bredand Percy Vere x Superfly's Asti Spumante), Ch.Superfly's No Doubt About (Superfly's Burlesque x Superfly's Dynasty Lady) and BIS Superfly's U Be Mine (Ch. Superfly's Indianapolis x Superfly's Foxy Lady).

Ch.Superfly's Indianapolis (Ch.Bredand Percy Vere x Superfly's Our Own Obsession)

The future with our dogs can be happy IF all the breeders start to work with dogs and socialise the puppy for their future life. It is absolutly nessecary to learn all about the behavior and to work with the puppy at the breeders place. We give the puppies all they need for training their brain and body abilities. Whippets are very sly and it is the breeders responsibilty to give advice for education and wellfare.
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Ch. Superfly's No Doubt About "Dimitri"