"The Boys" Justin & Riley(Shilo's Rile Um Up)


Susan Kapp and her husband, Chris, have owned Whippets for a short time. Our first baby, Justin, came to us because a friend of mine told me there was a man near her home in Michigan that had baby Whippets. I had been looking into a couple of breeds that I might be interested in as just a pet and Whippets was one of them. However, I could not believe, once I got to the pup's "home" where they had been breed and were living. It was a barn in Michigan in the middle of winter! There were two pups left, I took one. I kick myself everyday for not taking that other one. We have since checked on the other pup and the "breeder" has kept it for his daughter. At least we were able to save one of them. We just brought our second baby home on May 13th. Riley, (Shilo's Rile Um Up), is 8 mths old, a month older then our other guy. He is out of Shilo's Legacy and Shilo's Magic Prophecy. I've heard of the terrible two's in "human" children, I think it is equal to 7-8 month old Whippets! As our search for a breed began last winter and many people in Michigan or surrounding areas were not having pups. I was actually planning on putting my search for a "kid" on hold until this Spring but then when I was told about the Whippet puppies that desperately needed a home….and I saw my little guy….well that made up my mind, in a hurry.

First of all, Julie Konwent (Elaine-Ward kennels), Julie was the first person I chatted with about Whippets. My boy came down with Giardia the 2nd week I had him home (12 weeks old) and we almost lost him. Julie talked to me almost everyday. She "held-my-hand" and provided me with all the knowledge and suggestions she could until he was healthy again. She still helps me whenever I have a question/problem. Second will have to go to Paula Knight, she has also lended her ear and fingers to my Whippet - Woes and provided me with great help that lead to happy days and peaceful nights. Last, but defiantly not least, would be David Howton! I have just "met" David not to long ago but he has guided me through my first week of duel parenting with great success! He is usually just an Instant Message away and never makes me feel like I am asking something "stupid". I would also like to add that I met all of these people online. I have never met any of them in person…yet! But when I do that will make them even more special. From what I've been told I could not have found better people to seek knowledge about our breed from.

The Happy Whippet Family

Since both of my whippets are still so young I pray that I will have many wonderful memories, but if I had to pick right now….it would be the first time I saw them both curled up in one of those beautiful "Whippet balls" on the couch together. My heart melted! It was worth breaking up all those nasty snits to see that scene. I had looked at a lot of pictures of this infamous pose but never had one on MY couch before. I would like to see the future of this breed in my house, on my couch and in my bed! That is where all Whippets belong! I must say that whippets are not for everyone that is for sure. My personal opinion, Whippets, or any dog for that matter are like children. Unfortunately there are children out there that do not get treated as good as some of our dogs do. Whippets need a lot of attention and love but can spite you terribley when they are mad. It has brought me to tears before because my baby would not come to me, I learned fast that "Hell hath no wrath like a Whippet's scorn." They have personalities so close to a human it is unbelievable. I know that with my Whippet's I will have companions and friends for a very long time.

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