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Linda & Steve Buchholz of Swiftsure Whippets in Aldergrove British Columbia Canada have owned whippets since the 1960's. Linda tells this about getting involved with the breed: When I was a teenager, my neighbour had two whippets and I thought they were the most extraordinary creatures I had ever seen. She took me along to race meets and shows and it just mushroomed from there!

Early mentors were Bill Turpin, Joyce Anson, Richard Webster, Doris Ringer, Pearl Baumgartner. Later on Doug & Mary Beth Arthur became our good friends and mentors.

We've had some wonderful moments in the show ring and on the race track, but my most favorite are the times we have spent on vacation on the beaches in Oregon just watching the dogs race up and down the beaches. We've been going for over 20 years and they never cease to fill me with awe and pleasure. It always reminds me of the "real" reason why we have this breed.

Can Ch. Swiftsure Surrey Hill Lunacy

I think we have a bright future for this breed. I hope whippets will change very little and that people will not get carried away on "fad" things and I hope they will always be a very functional sighthound and not just a "pretty" show dog. On the subject of sharing something about the breed with other people, Linda says that "their incredible Jeckyl & Hyde personality - maniacal intensity for the lure, such great energy outside, and then quiet, sweet laid-back personality in the house". I've handled many other breeds but have never come across one that "completes" me as much as whippets and I can't imagine ever not having a whippet in our house. We been lucky to have owned and seen many wonderful whippets and have met some life-long friends through our involvement. Thank you for included Swiftsure in your calendar! Linda & Steve Buchholz Swiftsure Whippets Canada

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