Wizzer and Rosie
"Wizzer" Paris Templar of Tiber CGC/TDI
Erdelied Bunns and Roses JC "Rosie"

Paula Knight of Templar Whippets. My involvement with whippets happened very accidentally in 1979. I was active in the local animal rescue group and owned by one VERY crazy labrador retriever named Jett and several Quarter Horses. The rescue group got involved in a rescue that initially involved a horse that starved to death. But then we found out that this person raised whippets and great danes and they were in jeopardy as well. I knew I couldn't take any great danes, but I'd take a "couple of those other dogs" because I was told they weren't too large.....WELL.....that was the beginning of the end for me! The two whippets I took were just so darned cute! One was a 7 yr old bitch and the other was an older male. Turned out that the bitch was Dress Circle Tar Baby from Pat Dresser's kennels and the older male was one of the person's who we were closing down. My life with those 2 was wonderful! I ADORED those dogs and had such fun with them. I knew I would never have anything but a whippet from then on.
I lost Tar Baby in 1987 and was desperate to find another whippet. I didn't realize how difficult finding one would be.

Dress Circle Tar Baby

After spending 7 years whippet-less, I found the internet and put out an all-out search for another wonderful whippet. Several months later I was contacted by a lovely lady who said she had a rescue looking for a home. I didn't hesitate and took this dog sight unseen. The lovely lady? Sharon Sakson, who has become a mentor to me that I could not begin to thank enough. Several months later she told me that if I wanted a show puppy, she had a litter coming and I could see if I wanted one of them. That puppy was my beloved Wizzer, Paris Templar of Tiber CGC/TDI, who needs only a major to finish. This dog has been through so much, he is my soulmate and companion for life. I ADORE him!

Soon the "potato chip" theory kicked in and I became interested in racing. I also still wanted a black whippet like Tar Baby. Bill and Gloria Goble, wonderful ambassadors of the breed, directed me to Don and Sally Papin, from whom I acquired a beautiful black puppy. Unfortunately, a freak accident took her life, and I was completely distraught. But Don and Sally again gave me a chance and I got my lovely Angel, Windyglen's Almost Heaven. I got a nice spayed bitch from Jack McManus for my daughter to show in Jr's, but her interest waned, so my husband took over the reins for that dog, FC Mary of Fermanagh SC, who is his constant companion and bed buddy.

"Angel" Windyglen's Almost Heaven

Sharon Sakson again helped me locate a nice older bitch to breed to Wizzer and Erdelied Bunns and Roses JC "Rosie" took her place in our home. We bred our first litter this past winter and got 6 wonderful bouncing babies! I had such a hard time deciding what I wanted to keep, I wound up keeping 3 of them.....hmmm....now up to 8 whippets..... who would have believed it? I thoroughly enjoy showing in Bred-By-Exhibitor class and have met so many fantastic folks! I think the whippet breed is the most marvelous companion animal on this earth. I am trying to participate in all venues to see and learn about our breed. I think the push for the "all-around" versatile dog is the way we need to go and that many breeders are aiming toward that goal. But win, lose, or draw, these grand couch potatoes are welcome in our home ANY time. I can't imagine my life without whippets ever again.