Terry Lerner is a whippet owner as well as an artist who specializes in whippet art. Terry owns three whippets and as you can see from her work which will be featured this week, she loves the breed. I have been in the grooming business for thirty plus years now. I ,like alot of Whippet folks, started with another Breed. I owned and showed German Shepherds in obedience and kept an occasional small house dog. Over the years the "Groomable" dogs and large shedding breeds became more work than I cared to do. Clients dogs were one thing but my own needed to be low maintenance.

After losing my last German Shepherd I was ready to try a new breed. My Veterinarian's Hospital Mgr. regularly brought one of her Whippets to work. I had admired the breed and was invited to Mary Beth Lake's house to meet her herd of 10 Whippets. My husband and I decided that we needed one of these couch potatoes. Mary Beth had no planned litters in the future so i was introduced to Jill Couture of Hallmark Whippets. I purchased my first Whippet "Lizzy" Hallmark's Leggy Lizzy Arden in April of 1994. Lizzy and I had a short show career{although she did receive 2 points and a major reserve) as this was not my calling.

That calling came in the form of a gift certificate to a craft store. I purchased my first box of clay. I had worked with clay in High School and soon found that sculpting was a gift and came easily for me.

My first attempt was a head study of my beloved "Lizzy". I found that Greyhound pieces sold readily and from there my new mid life career began. I have had pieces displayed at the Greyhound Hall of Fame and most recently at The Whippet National. If it were not for "Lizzy" I would not have found this gift of art nor the wonderful friendship and bond I share with Mary Beth. At present I own 3 Whippets Lizzy, her son Timmy and her Grandaughter Sally Jean. I am grateful that I have had the pleasure of living with these wonderful creatures. I only hope that their popularity doesn't increase to the extent of ruining the breed as has happened with so many other breeds

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Todays Artist: Terry Lerner is today's artist and features "Cloud 9". This is a Whippet Bronze Tone with wings, a very Angelic and Heavenly piece. At some time in our lives we have lost our beloved friend. I bought this piece for my wife Regina a year ago after we lost our first whippet. It sits with her ashes and gives us a constant reminder of her as she waits for us at the Rainbow Bridge. This outstanding piece measures 6"X4" wide and is in two pieces, the dog can be detached from the cloud if preferred. Made of Ureythane hand painted in a beautiful bronze tone color, dated and signed by Terry Lerner.