Unica di Mahana

Whippet owners from Belgium, Vincent and Katia De Rave-Vanhauwaert and their beautiful whippets, From the first moment I saw a whippet I fell in love with its beauty, elegance and sweet nature. It took me 2 years before I decided where to buy my first whippet. Twice I had been disappointed when I bought an Italian Greyhound and now I wanted to get an excellent show-dog. So I got Unica di Mahana (see picture above).

In only 4 years time she became International, Dutch, Belgian and Luxemburg Champion and she only needs 1 more CAC to become German Champion as well. I think thatís quite an achievement for a rookie. Two months after I bought Unica I also got Miss Dior du Haras díHelios, she was also a promising show dog but she broke a paw at 12 weeks of age, so she has never shown.

Miss Dior du Haras díHelios

As she has an excellent pedigree I decided to breed from her. Up till now she has had 2 litters, but none of the pups have gone to people who are interested in showing even though they are worth it. Unica has had 1 litter of which we kept a bitch and a dog who are now almost ready to start their show careers. They look promising.

Left is Ylona de Iry-Hemes-Nefer and Right is Ylona & Yente de Iry-Hemes-Nefer


Unica her second litter is planned for October. She has been mated with Silkstone Mystic, who is staying with us for a while. His owner is Miss Janet Doherty from England. While on the continent we will represent him at expoís. If someone is interested in using him as a stud dog, they can contact us at our address:
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