Holly and Annie in the tub

Susan & Ron Murphy and Wagg N End Whippets. My first encounter with the breed was when I was a teenager. I lived down the road from a man named John Bandy who had racing greyhounds. He had the most beautiful brindle male whippet named Moe. He was the kindest hearted dog I had ever met. Needless to say I spent every moment when I was there brushing and helping Mr. Bandy with his greys just to get to take Moe for a run in the pasture. He followed me on horse back through the woods and home again. I think I made his everyday as he made mine. I shall never forget you! It was not until I married years later I settled on my only breed the whippet. The first was Josh about tens years ago who was stolen from me. I was just devastated. There was a two year gap and I found Rio. He had captured my heart like no other dog and a year later I purchased his sister from a repeat breeding. Pupsqueak now deceased had a litter of pups for me by Lyons Icy Of Sunnydale. I kept two sisters from the litter. Holly and Annie are there names. I compete with them in many venues such as showing, racing in NOTRA, NAWRA, WRA and lure coursing. My next purchase was an exquisite fawn and white male named Ch. Allerei's La Connor. Breeders Jeanne Simonsen and Karen Bowers Lee. I thank Jeanne everyday for the honor to have such a beautiful animal such as Connor. He was quite a catch. I bred a litter in December of 99 from Connor and Annie and kept two. The male is red and white and the female is brindle and white. I intend to start showing them in the fall. My husband Ron has a cute brindle and white race whippet named Dillon Gunsmoke By Windyglen who is now residing at camp Windyglen for box training with Don Papin. Hello Dilly boy! And that's all folks. Our hearts have been swallowed up by these creatures. I pray everyday that we give them as much joy as they give us.


Carolynn Bates. She has been there for me from the beginning of my adventure and continues to Tudor and help me. I could not ask for a better friend and mentor. Peggy Bush is always there for the asking with her sense of humor and willingness to assist me. I cannot forget to mention Bill and Ann McMath who are the nicest people down Texas way. They have helped us get involved with racing and tutored us in training our dogs to race. Thanks to them my husband has as much love for the breed as I do. Thanks to all of you. You are invaluable to me.

Lomax and Kitten in the chair

My favorite memory has to be the day my husband said I want a whippet of my own. I have no preference of my dogs they all hold a special place in my heart. I treat them as equals.

Ron & Connor

I would not like to have any divisions of our wonderful breed but have everyone come together and unite with one interest in mind. Primarily the dogs interest which should include health, function and history of the breed. All others should take a back seat. Mostly I would like those to love their whippets for who they are and not what they can do for you. Unconditionally!