"Corby" Warpdrives Judgement Day, CD

Kellie Jones of Warpdrive Whippets. When I was growing up, we had Samoyeds. I showed in fun matches, and trained the dogs on my own, at home. I decided, as an adult, that I would prefer to have a less coated dog. My sister-in-law had Irish Wolfhounds, and suggested I look at whippets. In 1984, I got my first whippet,Coggeshall's Indiana Jones, CD. (Indi) His co-breeder was Mary Huff, and she was my first mentor in whippets. A few months later, I bought a 1 yr old show quality bitch from Mary, Azalea Hill Allure, FCh. (Allure) I met, through letters, her breeder Loretta Fox. I was hooked. Within the next year, I went to Mary's to pick up another show bred pup. While I was there, trying to choose my pup, this little black-masked red pup kept crawling into my lap. I kept trying to tell him to move on, but he kept coming back. He was from a litter out of Johnny Martinez' lines. Running lines. I went home with 2 puppies. Coggeshall's Chaos (Chaos), and Warpdrives Judge-ment Day, CD (Corby)

"Chaos" Coggeshall's Chaos

The first time I went into the show ring with Allure, I took a 4 point major. I thought, "huh, how hard can this showing thing be?" Then, I went reserve or worse for the next 6 months... Well, I learned. Indi didn't turn out for show, so we went for obedience. Indi was my heart dog. He passed away in May of 1999. I miss him more than any other dog I have ever owned. Indi and I got into agility when he was 6 years old. He made himself famous, by leaping over a 5 foot retaining wall, in the Astro-arena, and landing in the 2nd row of seats. We were in a jumpers class, and I guess those measly little 21 inch jumps just looked too small. Indi has the distinction of being the first whippet in the country to have received a qualifying score in AKC agility.

"Indi" Coggeshall's Indiana Jones, CD

Corby bonded quickly to my daughter, and turned out to be oversized, andmissing a toe on one front foot. Running was not going to be a big part of his future. So, my daughter (aged 10) started training him in obedience. She worked with him for a year, (he was a little shy), and finally got him to the point where he was ready to show. She put a CD on him, and a CGC.


Chaos, what can I say about her? She was a professional couch potato from day one, but she had the most beautiful, shiny, black brindle coat. Right now, I have my lovely rescue dog, Sting. He has been with me since May, and has become quite affectionate, and he is going to be a wonderful obedience dog. We went to Dallas to run practice, and as soon as he learns to put his head down, you might see him out on the track. I like the direction I have seen lately, where many people are striving to produce a dual purpose whippet. Share something with other owners? I would like to tell them to never stop learning. Everyone in the whippet world has some sort of good advice. Listen, sort out the bits of wisdom that you can agree with, and try and pass on the best of your knowledge. The breed can only benefit.

"Allure" Azalea Hill Allure, FCh

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