Aaron and Tawnya with MBIS Ch SnowRose Wild Thing

Aaron and Tawnya Brumbaugh of WildAspen Whippets and Bullmastiffs are featured today and Tawnya shares this about her life in dogs: You could say I was born into the dogshow world. My mom, Dixie Rae, has been a professional handler for as long as I can remember. I got my first whippet, Shurwyn's A Touch of Class ("Dot") from her and my dad as a gift in 1981. I've been hooked since. My husband married into the dogshows and has grown to love the whippets as much as I do and is starting to back me up in the ring. I have always had a whippet or two but I did quit showing for over ten years. I've been showing again and have been breeding under the WildAspen prefix since 1995. Our dogs are a hobby for us and we do not breed heavily. However, we seem to be seeing more and more shows every year.

"Dot and Mutt the cat"

As a child I remember Martha Fielder being an idle of mine. She was always so sweet and patient with a young junior handler asking her so many questions. Since I've gotten into showing again and breeding, Debi Adams of Jade Whippets, has mentored me. She has been a wonderful, patient teacher and a great friend.

Left to right Debi with WildAspen's Celtic Tapestry "Tara", Tawnya with Nell and Aaron with WildAspen's Midsummer Nites Dream "River".

I have several great memories of numerous whippets I've owned. One is the Christmas I got my first whippet. My parents had been hiding the puppy for over a week at the neighbors. Finally, they couldn't hide the pup anymore so they woke my sister and I up at midnight on Chistmas Eve/morning and had me close my eyes. They let the puppy loose and I remember vividly the smell of puppy breath and the feel of the little wiggly legs in my lap. Another one is when WildAspen's Just Tuff E Nuff ("Tonka") went BOB from the 6-9 class over specials at his second show. (we didn't show him in the group). And I will never forget the feeling of MBIS Ch SnowRose Wild Thing ("Nell") winning her first breed, then winning the group and going onto go BIS from the bred by class. It was an awesome way for her to finish. It was also memorable because it was our first time in the group and best ring.

WildAspen's Just Tuff E Nuff

MBIS Ch SnowRose Wild Thing

I feel we are seeing some serious problems in the breed today. We are loosing the beautiful curves (topline and underline) that so gracefully outline and define a whippet. I also feel we are loosing perspetive in regards to size. With size being a disqualification, I think that wicketing should be a stardard part of the table exam. A dog has to wicket in to qualify for the field events, why not make it maditory for the show venue too?

The one thing I would share is that no matter what venue you choose for your dogs and yourself, enjoy it to the fullest. If it is no longer fun but work---what is the point?

Tawnya with left to right Tara, River and Nell

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